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Seduced My Boyfriend

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Time for me to write to Solo Touch with an experience I had when I was 16 years old. I had a steady boyfriend and we'd often kiss and make out. Lloyd was his name. I had been playing with myself (masturbating) for several years by then and I loved the wonderful sensations that it brought to me.

But, at school talking to my girlfriends, some had started with the beginnings of becoming sexually active with there steady boyfriends and they'd talk about it and how good it felt and how it was seeing a boy's penis, balls, seeing them 'get off' and seeing and feeling there 'cum'. I'd get so excited hearing them talk about what it was like. They also went into the time they first let a boy see there pussies and touch them and how it felt. I got where I too wanted to experience this and feel this. And the thought of seeing my boyfriend's erect penis and touching it was all I could think about it.

My problem was getting Lloyd to go any farther with me. We'd go to our 'make out place' and all he'd ever do is kiss and hug. He seemed to never want to go any further or 'explore' any. I told my closest girlfriends about this and a couple of them told me what to do and guaranteed me it would work. I was told on our next date to wear a short skirt and thong panties. When we get into our making out and things progress to real passion to put my hand down on his thigh and let it come up to his crotch area and they guaranteed me again that I'd find his cock hard as a rock. They also guaranteed me that there was no way he'd reach down and take my hand away but would literally sink in his seat. They then told me good old mother nature would take over from there and that all boys are dying to show there cocks and have them touched and that they are all just living to get there first feel of a girls tits, legs, butts and above all, there pussies!

They then went on and told me to make sure I took along a box of tissue paper or small towel all the while giggling about this. I pretty much figured what they were referring to with the tissues or towel thing and the giggles.

Well, that weekend I went out with Lloyd and took a small towel in my purse just as instructed. As always, Lloyd and I ended the evening at our little 'make out spot' and started our kissing and hugging. When things got really heated up I did what they told me to do and oh yes: IT WORKED just as they said it would! Lloyd let out a deep moan and sank in his seat and raised his hips pushing up to my hand. I then started rubbing on his cock thru his pants. Sure enough, it wasn't long and Lloyd's hand went up my short skirt along my inner thigh. I could see he was really loving the feel he was getting touching my leg. His fingers then ended up touching the slit of my wet pussy thru my thong panties. We were both so hot now. Lloyd then undid his pants and pulled them down to show me his big cock. The girls had told me how much boys wanted to do this and as he did this he was looking at my face and eyes as I looked at it. I then wrapped my hand around his cock for the first time. It felt so good! Lloyd then moved the little strap of my thong over to get access to my pussy and I raised my skirt up all the way and spread my legs and sank down in the seat too. It wasn't long and Lloyd started making deep groan sound and started saying 'Oh Peg, I'm, I'm'. I figured he was going to ejaculate so I grabbed my towel and laid it just under his now throbbing cock. I wanted to see his sperm squirt out as I'd heard it did. I also did know why I needed a towel. Lloyd released a lot of cum with squirt after squirt coming out of his cock. Lloyd was stiff and shaking and thrusting his hips the whole time. It was easy to see that he was caught up in extreme pleasure. Once he got his breath back he again started running his fingers on my pussy and looking at it continuously. I too then had a fantastic orgasm. We again needed that towel. Lloyd's hands were covered with my juices and I was also covered all around my pussy. We cleaned up. Inside the car was a new aroma. The girls didn't tell me about this. I guess it was the smell of sex that I was smelling. It was a wonderful smell.

Well, I finally had Lloyd 'broke in' and now he couldn't get enough. I couldn't either! After this encounter we were constantly getting it on with each other and it did progress to other things. I finally ended up getting pregnant and Lloyd and I ended up getting married. Happy to report that we are still happily married and enjoying each other's bodies every day.



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