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This happened when I was still in high school. I hadn't dated much at the time because I was just an average kid and most of the girls in my school were either too plain, preppy, stuck up or ugly which turned me off. The few nice girls lived in other towns so I couldn't date them without a car which I couldn't afford at the time.

An older friend of mine invited me to a park picnic during the summer break and there were hundreds of people there, most of them much older than me. I noticed a decent looking woman and just happened to talk to her while I was in line for the food, her name was Charlene. We talked about music and she said that her record player was broken. I mentioned that I could probably fix it for her. She was at least ten years older than me so I really didn't think anything of it, I was just trying to make polite conversation and I figured I would never see her again anyway. To my surprise she was thrilled about getting her stereo fixed but then I found out she also lived in another city. I told her I couldn't drive and she said that she didn't own a car either, but she found a friend of hers named Susan who agreed to drive me to her house next weekend so I could make the repair.

Susan picked me up at my home and dropped me off at Charlene's house early on a Saturday afternoon. She had a plain house without a lot of furniture or valuables so I figured that was why the stereo was so important to her. I felt a little sorry for her being alone without a lot of money so I kept working on the stereo all day until I got it working. It was near dinner time when I finished and Susan wasn't due back for a few hours yet so Charlene offered to cook dinner for me, which I accepted because I hadn't eaten anything all day.

She cooked a quick, small meal but it was good and we both sat in the living room afterwards drinking coffee and waiting for Susan to return. Susan called after a while and said she couldn't make it back until close to midnight due to some family emergency at her house. I felt terrible for imposing on Susan for a ride in the first place and I couldn't ask her to leave her family in the middle of the night to ride a strange kid home who she didn't even know. I told them both that I would just walk home even though it was about 15 miles. I was young and in shape so it wouldn't phase me at all. They reluctantly agreed and I visited with Charlene for another hour or so before getting up to leave.

Unfortunately I didn't bring a coat with me because it was warmer during the day and I was riding in a car, but now it was late and very cold outside. We put the news on and they were calling for rain to start any minute and continue all night. I really didn't want to walk home in the cold rain without a jacket and Charlene didn't have anything that fitted me since she was so petite. Out of the blue she just said 'why don't you just sleep on my couch and then I will get Susan to take you home in the morning?'

The whole thing was totally innocent and matter of fact so I agreed, although it felt very awkward and I was embarrassed not to have my own car or any other way to get home. We sat on the couch and watched the news, then she asked if I would mind if she went upstairs to take a bath and go to bed. I didn't mind at all, it was late and it was her house so I didn't expect her to do anything other than her normal routine. She was gone about thirty minutes which seemed like a long time for a bath, then I heard her calling for me so I walked towards the steps and heard her voice coming from the bathroom area at the top. She said she felt bad for leaving me alone so she figured we could talk while she soaked in the tub. The door was partially open but I couldn't see anything besides the sink. I stood in the hall and we talked through the door for ten minutes or so when I felt that something odd was going on.

Then without warning she appeared in the doorway wearing nothing but an unbuttoned blouse. My jaw hit the floor and I was totally stunned. My first view of a real woman up close and she was obviously primed, squeaky clean, soaped up, and ready for action. Neither of us planned this so we didn't have any protection and thus regular sex was out of the question. We were turned on but not crazy. She came out quickly, kissed me, then laid down on the floor and said that I could do anything I wanted besides penetration. I had no idea what to do so she guided my hands along her breasts which were pert B cups, then down to her thighs and finally between her legs. She was so hot and moist down there I could not believe it!! I had no idea how to take care of her but she guided my hand back and forth until she was bucking her hips and finally she clamped her legs around my wrist and eventually went limp.

I was amazed and nearly ready to blow without even being touched, but then she said it was my turn so she had me strip and sit on the steps and she did a striptease style dance working her warm, moist body all over my head, face, chest, and finally onto my lap. She straddled my lap and rocked back and forth on me with her legs, and finally she switched to her hands when she knew I was about to lose it. I shot all over her chest and between her legs, more than I ever shot before. We rested a few minutes but then the stairs were very uncomfortable so we said good night and I returned to the couch where I had the most sound sleep of my life.

In the morning I woke up and she made me breakfast wearing nothing but the same shirt but we didn't do anything else that day. Susan eventually came over and drove me home, then asked me if I would be willing to fix a radio for her next weekend but I didn't want to press my luck so I turned her down and never saw either of them again except for the dreams of my first time being seduced.



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