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Security Guard

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My wife had left me the previous summer; my Christmas bonus reflected my putting in a lot of late evenings at the office. I usually worked until 7:00pm every evening, took a light meal in the nearby coffee shop, went home to masturbate to relax and fall into a deep sleep until dawn to start all over again.


It was Christmas Eve and I walked into the coffee shop. I gave the cashier $20 and asked her to give free coffees until it ran out. I took my soup'n sandwich to a quiet corner and sat down.

The security guard I saw every day came in right on time, a bit flustered to learn that her usual double-double was 'already paid for'. The waitress motioned in my direction, and as the guard passed she smiled and thanked me. She was tall, blonde, with long hair 'up' and had green eyes. I said 'Merry Christmas!' and went back to eating.

A moment later she was standing beside me, 'May I join you?' she asked. 'Yes, of course!' I replied, pulling out the chair next to me and she sat, introducing herself as Christina. As she removed her heavy coat I noticed her small, pert breasts beneath her blue paramilitary sweater. She opened with smalltalk and I finally convinced her to eat.

We chatted for hours, through several coffees. She had left an abusive husband, would be spending Christmas Eve alone. It was getting late, snowing heavily with a high wind. I offered her a drive home and she accepted. Her walk home would have been several miles. I stopped where she indicated and she put her hand on the door handle but we kept on talking. Finally she asked me in.

She occupied the second floor of a house; bathroom, sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, tiny but neat. She hung up her coat, then came to take mine. She brushed my erection, paused, then she said she wanted to take care of it for me.

She unzipped my jeans, slipped her hand in through my fly, and pulled out my penis. Her hand was surprisingly warm, her technique incredible. She timed her strokes with my breath, and with each stroke headward she would rub her fingers across my glans. She unbuttoned my jeans and let them drop, then pulled my underwear down. She held my throbbing dick in her hand and said that she wanted me to masturbate her.

She began removing her clothes, and soon there were two piles with two bodies making their way to the bedroom, her still in her underwear. She took out her hairclip, and I was surprised to see her beautiful long straight hair fall to her waist. She pulled back the covers, and we slipped into the bed. She started jacking me off slowly. We started to make out and I began to massage her breasts under her undershirt. I slipped my hand up her back and unsnapped her bra while still massaging her right breast. Once I got her bra off I started to use both hands to knead and caress her breasts and lightly tweak her nipples. Her breasts were beautiful and firm, though small. Her nipples were like quarters, very dark. I sucked each nipple gently in turn.

Once she started to moan a bit I moved my hand down to her underpants and started to work her vulva through the leg hole. She started to really moan and I figured I must be touching the right spot at the right time. She was already quite moist. I fingered her outer labia and rubbed her clit as she jacked me. She explained that she felt masturbation was very sexy, that she adored to watch men squirt cum.

I soon came, my semen squirted, sprayed all over her underpants and hand. She slipped off her panties revealing a sparse patch of darker blonde hair. She gave me some instruction in massaging her clitoris, and eventually she came too.

We relaxed for a while in each others' arms. After a few minutes she kissed me, then asked me to turn on my back; she said that it was my turn. She started to tease my chest and sides with her nails, then my stomach. This caused my member to grow, she grasped it with her hand and slowly stroked me end-to-end. She was quite gentle with my whang, perhaps just teasing. She held the base with thumb and forefinger of one hand while the other stroked up and down. I instinctively started to move my hips to lengthen her stroke. After a few minutes of this teasing I felt an urge to cum and I could feel the semen starting to lube up my foreskin and glans. I could feel her stroking smoother and faster, her hand pounding up and down my shaft, pounding my belly but with a slower return to my tip. Soon I was on the verge of cumming and I told her 'I'm going to cum!' then sprayed several streamlets of jism all over her smooth, golden skin. I turned to kiss her, and oozed, dripped onto her body and bed.

We drifted off to sleep. I awoke hours later to feeling her massaging my hard cock. My intense urge to urinate turned to the enjoyment of her giving me an excellent handjob. She was holding me tightly to her with one arm, stroking me with her other hand. Our bodies were very close together, I could feel her hard nipples press into my chest, the firm curve of her belly pressing against mine. She was rubbing my sensitive glans. What a wonderful sensation!

Her hand picked up speed as I was concentrating on the feeling of her curly hair stimulating the sensitive nerve endings in my cockhead. She continued stroking me, long slow strokes toward the base followed by a quick return stroke toward the glans, brushing the corona and frenulum, then slowly back again to the base. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore she started pumping really fast. She whispered in my ear that she wanted me to 'cum right now!'. The stimulation was too much to take, and with a grunt I spurted my cum, perhaps six or seven surges through my throbbing member. Then I placed my hand over hers, stilling her stroking.

She licked my semen off her fingers, then asked if she could do anything else for me. 'I feel much better! Merry Christmas! Those were the best of presents!' I said. She kissed me. I excused myself, walked to the bathroom, and emptied my semi-erect cock of its cum and copious amounts of urine. I returned to her bed, and we dozed in and out of sleep for hours, wrapped in each others' arms and legs.



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