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Secretly Sexual

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The first approximate time i started to think or act in a sexual manner was when i was three or so and i would ride those pony rides in the grocery store. i remember it feeling really good, and there would always be a wet spot on my pants afterwards.
later, when i was around 6, i started to 'press in' my tiny nipples, not because it felt good, but because i had a fascination with them.
for a long time, i only fantasized about things i found sexual, and was outwardly embarassed by references to anything having to do with sex until about three years ago.
of course i had known what sex was for a long time, but i always thought it was overrated, and must have hurt.
well all that mentality came to an end one day when i was sitting on the end of a table and letting myself slide to the end. i got the same feeling as i had gotten as a kid on the pony. i was absolutely fascinated.
i had tried touching myself down there to see what the big hype was about, but i got nothing.
so i tried to recreate the feeling by jumping up and down on a pillow in my room. nothing.
i didn't locate my actual vaginal opening until later, so for the time, i concentrated on putting pressure on what i now know is my clitoral area. strangely enough, i used a plastic birdie. (yeah, the ones you use for BADMINTON!!)
i pointed it in the general area of my clit, and jumped on the edge of the bed. nothing.
so i got a pillow and tried that. if i grinded in a certain way, i got a nice feeling, so i grinded to my very first orgasm! i'll bet that's the strangest first orgasm story!
anyway, i only recreated that once after the first time. and let me add that the pillow was a body pillow, so the other end was rubbing against one of my nipples for added effect. ;)
well, it wasn't long until i found my vaginal opening, but it was really painful to put anything in there.
in the meantime, i had started to use lotion and one finger to bring myself to clitoral orgasm. i was doing it on weekends, and it was great, but i needed something more.
that something more came when my BEST FRIEND bought me my first toy withought knowing it.
it might seem strange, but it's the perfect length and everything. have you ever seen those caboodle glitter containers that are long and relatively slim with a pump and a rounded end? well it just so happens that my friend bought me one for my birthday, and it didn't work. disappointed, i just let it collect dust.. UNTIL!!
i really needed some penetration, so i tried that, and VOILA!! RELIEF!
it didn't feel great at first, but after a while, i was able to bring myself to vaginal and clitoral orgasm at the same time. it's like it was made for me! i don't know about the rest of you, but it's absolutely perfect for me. i haven't found anything better to this date, and i'm always looking for discreete things that wouldn't make my mother question my innocence if found in my room.
also, i'd like to ask some advice from the rest of you:
what could i get for penetration that would:
1)not make my mother question my innocence if found in my posession
2)be about the same size as my glitter container
3)have ridges or sticky-out detail on it
4) be accessible and cost-friendly to a fifteen-year-old
~Languid Lover



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