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Secretly in Science Class

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Found this site several months ago and absolutely love it, along with the hard-ons, masturbation, and relief!! Keep it up!... so to speak.


Every once in a while in our science class we'd have to sit and watch a movie. I sat in the last row, with nothing but empty lab tables behind me, and when the lights were turned off it got pretty dark.

Not long after the movie started, I would generally become disinterested, so my eyes and mind would start to wander the room checking out the girls in class. I'd imagine what they looked like naked, what their pussy might look or smell like, wonder how soft their tits were... 'suddenly' I had a major hard-on creeping up my tighty-whiteys.

I'd first try to sit up to hide my boner (this was long enough ago that you didn't want anyone to know you had a boner-these days kids walk around grabbing themselves, scratching, adjusting... about anything to grab their crotch... okay, I'm jealous... ), but it bacame uncomfortable. So I'd slip my hands in my pockets, and grab my hard cock with my left hand and squeeze. Mmmmmm....

I'd slide down in my seat, my hand still holding on to my cock, and slouch down further. I'd cross my feet and then tap my toes, kind of like a nervous habit. this bit of motion would help my dick slide just a bit in my hand, and I would get harder!

Looking around to make sure no one was looking at me, I'd start to, almost motionlessly, barely rub just below the head of my circumsised cock, underneath my piss hole, with just the tip of my finger.

As the movie droned on, I'd be quietly (or at least I thought) jacking off in the middle of class. It would take probably about half an hour or so before I could feel the inevitable surge of pleasure start to reach the point of no return. Thinking now, I probably held my breath for the last five minutes just so I didn't make any noise.

Closer, closer, closer... then it would start. My hard cock would pulse hard. Again, and again... one right after another right into my shorts... I could feel my hot cum under my hand as it spread on my thigh. It was hard to keep tapping my feet as it was always a powerful orgasm. My cock would pump what seemed like gallons of cum for, I'd swear, a solid ten minutes! I would hold my breath and look straight ahead.

When it was over, I'd try to compose myself, letting my breathing and heart rate get back to normal. Then I'd sit up and take my hands out of my pockets, fold them across my desk, then bring my hands up to just in front of my face and bask in the scent of my own fresh cum. I'd start to get hard all over again! (oh to be a teenager!!)

By the time the lights came on and class ended, everything was pretty much back to normal... no one could see my wilted cock, and since my cum was in my underwear behind a pocket (two extra layers of material), there wasn't even a wet spot for anyone to notice. On to the next class.

No one ever said anything, so I don't know if anyone ever knew, or just didn't say anything. I guess I'd like to think that someone in class knew what I was doing, especially the girls, and went and jerked-, or jilled- I guess, off after class because they had been so turned on knowing I was getting off just a few feet away.

Let me know if this story sounds familiar!!

As usual, thinking of this particular horny period in my life some twenty five years ago has given me another massive hard-on. I've got to go jack-off in front of the mirror so I can watch my spunk erupt!!

Happy Jackin' & Jillin'-Keep it UP!



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