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Second Time Jerking With a Bud

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This is a true story of my second time jerking with a bud.


I posted my first j/o experience with another guy a few years ago on Solo Touch, before I had an account, so I'll briefly summarize that experience: I was 23 and staying with friends for the summer, so we were also roommates. We had been out drinking, came home, and since they were a gay couple, one thing led to another and they asked if I wanted to join them for a circle jerk. I was nervous and shaking as all shit, but eventually joined for a pretty eye opening experience. I freaked out a bit afterwards that this experience meant I was gay, but through talks with them, came to realize it was pretty normal and chill, and something that a lot of guys do together throughout their sexual development.

Ok, so fast forward to my second encounter: I had jerked off a few more times that initial summer with my friends, but that was part of a whole new "first time experience" situation. The second time was 4 years after those initial buddy experimentations. I hadn't thought much about meeting up with a guy to jerk off, but I had done some camming, so I guess the idea was in the back of my head. I decided to post an ad online to see if there were any likeminded guys in my situation (also partnered and just looking to jerk off).

Sure enough, I got lots of crazy responses, but one legitimate one, and we ended up exchanging emails for like a month and then finally saying "hi" on Skype before ever meeting up. We even met for coffee beforehand, and yes, the nerves were back! First off, I'm a good looking guy (or so I've been told, without sounding egocentric), but very slim. This guy was tall, pretty toned/cut and had a massive dick. Easily the size of a baby's arm, lol. so, that was a bit intimidating…but also a bit of a turn on.

So, we decide to meet, get in his truck and drive to a remote parking garage, as neither of us wanted to risk hosting the other person at that point. Again, nerves were high, but we got into the back of his truck (the cap was on) and took off our clothes. He said something funny like: "Ready for the big reveal?!" And when he dropped his shorts, I was like "Damn, BIG reveal is right!" We stroked ourselves for a bit, but then he said, "I think we're really here because we want to touch each other, stroke each other, and see how the other guy's dick feels in our hands…so, are you game?" Again, I was shaking, but agreed…and man, POW! His hand on my cock was electric! There's something about having someone else's hand on your dick, and even better when they know what they're doing, lol. He said that I had a "magic touch" (which was flattering) but mainly I was just so intrigued (and turned on) by having his big dick in my hand.

This all happened while laying down in the back of his truck, which wasn't uncomfortable, but it only allowed for us to reach over and stroke the other person, without trying different bate positions. When we had edged for awhile, we decided it was finally getting to the point where both of us were on the edge, so we decided to jerk each other off to an explosive finish, and it was explosive! I tend to cum a lot, and so did he. It was awesome…and thankfully we had a roll of paper towels to clean up the mess from our stomachs and the back of his truck. It was a great experience, which we repeated a few more times, before being comfortable enough to host each other at our respective houses. I have other stories to share, if people are interested, and I would love to hear comments from all the Solo Touch readers!



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