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Second Massage With Him

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This is a true story


A few weeks ago, I noticed a posting on one of those electronic boards offering a massage. The offer came from a 20 year old recent graduate of one of the local schools that offer massage therapy certification.

Two weeks ago, I replied to the posting and was quickly replied to by Jeff Watter (not his real name). Jeff was very interested in giving me a massage but I was hesitant to have him come to my home without checking him out.

Since we lived about 10 miles apart, I offered to pick up Jeff and bring him to my home. I figured that I would know in the 20 minutes or so that it took to drive to my place whether or not I wanted to bring Jeff into my home. Jeff passed the test.

He had a portable massage table that was in a large black carrying case. After loading the case into the trunk of my car, Jeff and I headed home. I showed Jeff the bedroom where he could set up. He gave me the standard instructions to disrobe to my comfort level and then get onto the massage table, get between the sheets and lie face down. I've had hundreds of massages and knew the drill. Soon Jeff returned from the bathroom where he had washed his hands - warming them in the process. He began the hour long massage on my back and shoulders playing close attention to my right shoulder and neck that have been bothering me lately. Later he worked on my legs and glutes making sure to keep me well draped (covered).

It was time to roll over onto my back. Jeff's work on my legs and glutes had given me some stiffness in my manhood but not so much that I was "tenting" once I was on my back.

Jeff worked the outsides of my legs - from the ankle to the hip - and then the top and bottom of the leg. Finally, he worked the inside of the leg with long, flowing strokes that I found quite arousing. He "accidentally" hit the side of my scrotum while reaching for the back of my leg. Yeah, I thought that was nice and without saying anything would Jeff do more? I thought better of it because of the huge difference in our ages - me being three times his age. But then again I thought that his kid is in this business at the right time - as the "baby boomers" begin to age and need more health care than his generation and the generation between us.

Jeff finished the hour with the instructions to drink lots of liquids and keep exercising. I suggested that we meet in two weeks and Jeff told me that he would have to check his work schedule at his daytime job but that he would not know the schedule until Monday and this was Saturday morning.

We connected via cell phone later in the week and Jeff agreed to come to my home again on Saturday morning. This time Jeff drove to my home and after arriving, carried his portable table up to the same bedroom we had used before.

The massage went as normal for the first 45 minutes as measured by the chiming of the grandfather clock downstairs - ding, ding, ding, dong, dong ding ding ding, ding ding ding dong.
I counted the twelve notes and knew that there was only 15 minutes left in the massage session.

Jeff finished my back, neck and shoulders and began to work on my feet and legs. The feet and calves of my legs were feeling alright so I asked him to concentrate more on my glutes and hamstrings. And concentrate he did. Undraping my left leg, Jeff worked his massage magic up and down the leg. This time he did not massage my glues through the drape but rather directly on the skin. That was exciting. He completed the left leg and moved to the right leg after re-draping the left one. This is where the massage became sensual. The right leg was undraped and the long strokes were finished on the outside of the leg. The top strokes seemed to end on the right buttocks but very close to my rosebud. Then the bottom strokes ended up close to my scrotum. By this time I was breathing harder and I know that Jeff could hear me. He was now standing on my right side and his body was touching the massage table - right at his hips.

When Jeff moved away from the table, I took the chance to move and gripped the side of the table with my right hand. Soon I could feel the material of Jeff's dungarees and through the back of my hand I thought that I could feel Jeff's very erect penis. I thought that it was now or never. I boldly turned my hand and let it slide across the front of Jeff's pants - finding his hardness. I lifted my head up looked at Jeff. Without saying a word, I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them out to where I could slide my hand down the front of them. I shifted on the table so that I could use both hands and soon had a hold of an amazing 20 year old's six inch manhood.

I moved to the edge of the table and got a good view of his tool -- and the glistening precum at its tip.

I thought that I was dreaming. Was this really happening? I had counted the hours since I knew that Jeff was returning for another massage session and had day dreamed that this would happen and now it was! I gave his penis a quick kiss to remove the precum and then sat up on the table. I told Jeff that I wanted him to lie down on his massage table. I helped him out of his jeans and shirt - he was barefoot since that's how he liked to be when giving a massage.

Jeff's body just hit the table and I was all over him. I admired the youthfulness of his 20 year old abdomen, his pubic hair and penis and the fine coating of hair on his thighs and lower legs.
I told him that he had a beautiful body.

I worked his cock with my hand while he worked on mine. After a few minutes I felt Jeff's finger entering my anus. He worked my prostate and his hand into one of the best orgasm's I've ever had.

I cannot wait until next Saturday!!!



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