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Screwing A Jar

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Screwing A Jar
I have recently discovered the most exciting way for me to masturbate and I hope it inspires other guys to try it as well.
First, let me tell you that I am a heterosexual male and I have masturbated regularly for the past 22 or 23 years - since I was 12 or 13. My new-found technique goes like this. I found a nice sized glass jar that has a mouth slightly smaller than the diameter of the jar (about the size of a medium-sized mayo or jam jar). Next comes a nice piece of soft foam (about the density that can be found in a foam pillow, or the inside of a padded metal camera case) that is just bigger in its square dimension than the jar is in diameter. The foam is just an inch or so longer than the jar is tall. Using a sharp kitchen knife I carefully cut into the foam to form slit that almost but not quite goes from side to side of the square, and almost as deep as the foam is tall.
After the slit is cut I use my fingers to start "plucking out" small pieces of foam from inside the slit until a nice sized cavity is created. Leave the "slit" of the opening intact - that is, untouched. This becomes my "pussy". Once the cavity is fully "excavated", I push the foam into the jar, so that it touches the bottom inside of the jar and there is a bit of the square foam sticking out from the opening at the top of the jar. Then I pluck more foam from the slit opening until it more or less resembles the opening of a vagina. Once you have finished your plucking its time to start fucking.
Slip a condom onto your hard cock, and try the fit of your cock into the foam inside the jar. Keep plucking until you have a really custom-fitted foam pussy. I have found the feel of the foam on bare skin is just way too rough. I suppose one could try it without a condom but super-lubed up with something like petroleum jelly, but I haven't tried that yet for fear the jelly would break down the foam, like it does to condoms. Anyway, lube up the condom with hand lotion, KY or anything else that feels good. Grab onto the jar and start fucking the foam. It's feels about as nice and tight as any pussy I've ever been in (about 20) and I have found the orgasms to be fantastic.
To vary the tightness you experience on your shaft and at the entrance to your "pussy", try different-sized rubber bands around the part of the foam that is just inside the mouth of the jar. Recently, I discovered a way to even further intensify the experience. Saturate the foam with warm (not too hot) water and squeeze most of the excess water out of the foam. Put the foam back in the jar and now you really have a "hot twat" to fuck. Personally I find it very difficult to continue thrusting into the foam as I orgasm - the hyper-sensitivity of my glans at orgasm is just way too high to take the intense feeling of that foam pussy gripping my come-spewing cock. Ocasionally I will just pull myself out of the foam and stroke myself until my orgasm is finished. Other times I will just bury my cock in the foam as I come and enjoy the sensation of being deeply buried in a tight pussy.
Whatever your personal technique I hope I have introduced you to yet another way to enjoy one of the greatest gifts we humans have been given - ORGASM! --Anon.



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