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Scouts With Toys (Pt. 3)

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Allen and I had each cum two times with the fake vagina I had constructed from a towel and plastic bag, but we weren't finished. And I knew from the previous night's games that he and I probably had another orgasm in us. We had left a great deal of cum in the fake vagina, so my guess was that these third orgasms would be dry. But when you're fourteen, an orgasm is an orgasm. I began rummaging through my duffel again. 'Ah, here.' I held up my hairbrush. I wore a short flattop and used the hairbrush only when I created that cool look above my forehead, so I didn't use the brush much, especially at camp, but I had thrown it into my duffel out of habit.

The hairbrush had a plastic handle about four inches long, fatter at the end and narrower where the handle met the flat part with the bristles. 'Lie down again,' I told Allen, 'and I'll show you how we'll use this toy.' He looked apprehensive, but he did what I said. 'You know, on second thoughts get on all fours.' He complied, still looking puzzled and nervous.

I dipped my fingers again into the still-open jar of petroleum jelly and smeared the jelly all over the handle of the brush. I was sitting on my butt and scooted up behind Allen.

'You've got to relax while I do this, Allen. I won't hurt you and I promise it will feel good.' I still had some Vaseline on my fingers and I dabbed it onto Allen's hole. I had experimented with ass play with my finger a few times while jacking off at home, but never with a brush handle, but I was going to take it slow. I didn't want to hurt Allen.

'Okay,' he whispered. 'I'll try.'

I put the end of the handle up against his butt hole. Allen flinched a bit and I could see him pucker. 'No, relax. Really. When I start pushing the handle into your butt, it will help if you push out with your sphincter muscle, you know what that is?'

'Yeah, we learned that in biology.'

'Good. When you feel me beginning to push the handle in, you start pushing like you're on the toilet, understand?'

'Yes.' He sounded very nervous.

'Okay,' I said, 'here goes.' I increased pressure and began pushing the handle against his hole. His hole involuntarily contracted briefly, but then I could see he was trying to relax and push out. Finally the slippery handle began disappearing into Allen's butt.

'Oh,' he moaned softly, as the widest part of the handle, about an inch in diameter, slid in, but past that his hole seemed to suck in the handle as it was getting narrower near the bristles. The flat part bumped up against his hole and the whole handle was now inside Allen. I paused to let him get used to the toy up his butt. 'Breathe,' I advised him. From jacking off and from my own butt play at home, I knew how easy it was to forget to breathe, to hold your breath while jacking off or while fingering yourself. 'Breathe, Allen, it will help you relax,' and the puff of air he exhaled told me he had been holding his breath, as I suspected. 'Just relax.' I wasn't moving the brush handle, but I was supporting the brush so that it wouldn't sag and hurt him. I gave him a minute or two to get used to the feeling and I kept encouraging him to breath and relax. His balls had tightened up against his body and his penis had shriveled behind them, out of my view.

Finally I thought he was ready. 'Allen,' I whispered, 'I'm going to start moving the toy in and out and I'm going to jack you off while I'm doing that. You don't have to do anything. Just keep breathing.' I held the bush with my right hand and felt under his balls for his penis with my left. I started tugging on his penis to get it swelling before I moved the brush. He began responding to my tugging and I could see his balls were lowering, too. 'Good,' I said. That's it.'

I began withdrawing the brush handle slowly while taking long strokes on his penis. The remains of petroleum jelly and cum on his penis made the stroking easier and I could feel him getting harder. He moaned again as the increasingly thicker part of the brush handle came to his sphincter, where I paused and slowly slid the handle back down into him. After a few of those strokes, I paused with the handle fully in him and moved it around a bit to try to massage his prostate. From the marriage manual I had found at home I knew approximately where the prostate was, so I pressed the inserted handle down, hoping he was enjoying the feeling. He was. Allen groaned and I could feel a heavy flow of precum on the end of his penis. In fact, there was so much precum that I thought it was cum, but when I pulled my left hand back to look at it I could see that it was clear and had the sticky consistency of precum. I resumed my stroking, but his hard penis was no longer hanging straight down. It was closer to his belly now, which mean I had to reach farther with my left hand to continue the stroking. All the time, Allen was moaning.

I shushed him. 'Quiet, Allen, you'll wake everybody up.' He moaned more quietly.

A few times I pulled the handle a bit too far out of his hole and it would come out completely, but by then his hole was gaping open on its own so it was not difficult to insert the handle back into his butt. I quickened the pace. Allen was panting. I did the prostate massage thing again and that did it for Allen. I could feel his penis get very hard and then felt it twitch with his third orgasm of the night. As I expected, this was mainly a dry orgasm, but his whole body shuddered as he came. His butt had a tight grip on the handle and I don't think I could have pulled it out if I tried. I didn't try. Finally I saw his hole relax and release its tight grip on the handle. I slowly withdrew the handle, and I remember it made a 'pop' sound as the end came out. Allen collapsed on his side.

'Wow,' he gasped.

'That didn't hurt too much, did it?'

'At first it did,' he said, still gasping a bit, 'but then I got used to it and it started feeling great. I'll have to try that at home.'

'My turn,' I said. I was still holding the brush by the bristle end. I reached for my jockey shorts and wiped the handle clean. 'Move over,' I said, and I stretched out on my back in the middle of the tent, still holding the brush by the bristles.

'What do you want me to do?' asked Allen. I handed him the brush.

'Grease up the handle again,' I whispered. I could feel my penis swelling as it lay on my belly. Allen sat up, dipped his fingers into the jar, and greased up the handle, just as I had for him.

'Now what?' he asked.

'Sit cross-legged between my open legs,' I instructed. Once he was in position I scooted my butt up placed my legs across his thighs, straddling his body. I didn't want to be on all fours, as I had Allen do, because I wanted him to have easy access to my penis and balls. I reached behind my thighs and pulled my knees up to my chest. 'I'm ready,' I told him, 'but go slow.'

I remembered to take my own advice and concentrate on breathing.

'Wait,' said Allen, 'let me grease up your hole, too.' He must have dipped into the jar for another dab of jelly and I could feel him slathering it on my anus, even poking his greasy finger in a little bit. 'There,' he said, finally, 'that should do it.' I felt him put the end of the handle against my hole. 'Are you ready?'

I breathed out and said 'Yes. Slow, ok?' I could feel him add pressure and I pushed out with my rectal muscles to help him slip the handle into me. I had played with my butt before with my finger, but this sensation was something new. I breathed in and out slowly, working hard to relax as the brush handle's thickest area parted my sphincter and then, as had Allen's, my butt seemed to suck in the rest of the handle until the brush end rested against my butt. My butt twitched a bit, still trying to suck in more handle, but it was all the way in already. Fortunately, the neck of the brush was pretty thin, so it was not stretching my anus much, but the real interesting sensation was the 'full' feeling of having the thick part of the handle up my butt. 'Let's wait a minute,' I said, continuing concentrating on breathing and relaxing.

Finally I gave Allen the okay to start. 'Slowly in and out now, Allen.' He was as gentle as I hoped, and the feeling of the brush handle moving in and out of my butt somehow combined mild pain and great pleasure. I could hear the 'slurp, slurp' sound as the well-greased handle pumped my butt.

'Can you play with my penis while you do that?' I asked, almost pleading.

Allen said nothing but took my soft penis in his left hand and began playing with it, trying to get it hard. At the same time he was pumping the brush handle in and out.

'Do that thing I did for you,' I said, trying to breath normally as my excitement grew. 'Use the end of the handle to massage my prostate.'

'Where is it?' asked Allen. 'I'm sort of turned around.'

'It's under here,' I said, as I took my left hand and pressed my fingers against the area between my hole and my balls. Allen had his bearings now and when he had the handle fully in my butt, he pushed down the brush to put pressure on my prostate. 'Ah, yessss,' I said. I put my left hand back down to my side and closed my eyes. 'Don't stop,' I pleaded.

My penis was not responding to his handling. 'Just keep the pressure on my prostate,' I said. 'And use your left hand's fingers to press on that area between my balls and hole.' He followed my directions and soon he was massaging my prostate from both sides. It felt great.

Then I felt the handle start moving in and out again. 'No, no, Allen, don't go back to that. Keep it pressing up against my prostate.'

'Jake,' he said, sounding a little alarmed, 'I'm not doing that. In fact, I'm not holding it anymore. It's moving on its own.'

All the muscles in my pelvis seemed to be contracting in waves. I could feel the handle move in-and-out to the rhythm of those contractions. My soft penis was oozing precum like never before. Then my right leg began to shake. It just began to shake. Something like this had happened the night of our orgy, and it had scared the kids then. Allen had seen it before so he was less concerned, but his eyes were big with surprise. My leg was shaking rapidly and the brush continued its assault on my butt hole.

Then I felt something I never had felt before. My penis was soft and shrunken, but I swear I had an orgasm. Except it didn't feel like the usual orgasm. It felt like my whole pelvis was tingling. Later Allen said I was making a sound like growling. My full body orgasm kept going, as I twitched and jerked and my stomach muscles hardened in waves. As my muscles began to relax and the brush handle stopped moving on its own, my breathing returned to normal.

'Take it out,' I whispered to Allen, and he slowly withdrew the handle.

'What happened?' Allen asked, his eyes big with wonder.

'I don't know,' I said. 'I felt like my whole body was having an orgasm.'

'Yeah, but your cock stayed soft and I never touched it.'

'Right. Just like the other night. I think I'm developing a talent for orgasms without touching my penis.' I smiled.

'Do you need to have an orgasm with your penis now?' Allen asked, and he took my shrunken penis between the thumb and next two fingers of his right hand. My legs were still split astride his waist, and he began stroking my balls as he played with my penis.

'No,' I replied, 'I'm still feeling something going on in my whole body. I'll just let that keep going for a while. Can we just stay in this position until it ends?'

'Sure,' said Allen. And we stayed in that position for about ten minutes until I felt normal. Finally we untwined.

'Thanks, Allen, for playing with me and my toys.'

'Hey,' said Allen, with a smile, 'I learned that in Kindergarten. Play nice and always share your toys.'



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