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Scouts With Toys (Pt 1)

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A continuation of the stories from that Scout beach camp


I didn't tell Allen, my tentmate, about the nude play and circle jerk Rusty and his uncircumcised tentmate, Erik, and I had that afternoon. But those images still flashed in my head as Allen and I lay on our sleeping bags and talked about the camp day by the light of a flashlight. It was 'lights out' for the younger boys, who already were asleep in their tents from another physical day at beach camp. The snoring from the Scoutmaster's tent told me that it was 'lights out' for him, as well. It was only two nights earlier that Allen and I had our first genital grope, but so much had happened since then that it seemed like weeks ago. Allen and I were in our tighty whities, shirtless, as we talked. It was another balmy tropical night. I was stretched out on my left side, head propped in my hand, while Allen was on his right, also with his head propped.

I turned our whispered talk toward the previous night's group initiation of Rusty. 'I was amazed at you last night, Allen,' I said. 'From your shyness that first night we fooled around I thought you might chicken out last night, but you played along. You seemed okay with all the naked play.'

'Well, I was shocked when you pulled down your shorts and had us pull down our own, but it was kinda cool. I'm shy in the school gym locker room, but this seemed different. I dunno, it seemed more natural. And the bright moonlight made it cool, maybe like a movie.'

'I liked that, too. The light and shadows on our bodies.' We paused for a moment. 'Want to mess around some more tonight, just the two of us?' I asked. 'I'm getting horny just thinking about last night.' I realized that I had been absent-mindedly stroking my penis through my underwear, and it was getting erect along my belly.

'Sure,' said Allen, smiling. 'I'm getting horny, too. Should we do that thing again, where one of us pretends to be the girl?' We had experimented together that first night with the Princeton rub, which had led to my unexpected ejaculation between his thighs. And then the whole group played with this technique the next night, also to orgasm. Now he knew what to expect. I could see the beginning of an erection in his underwear.

'No,' I said. 'I have a different idea. Let's make our own girl.'

He looked at me funny. 'Make our own girl?'

'Yeah,' I answered, and I sat up and began rummaging through my duffel bag in the corner of the tent. I found what I was looking for and sat back down with some rubberbands, a hand towel, and some new underwear still in the plastic bag. Allen watched intently as I began assembling our toy. I took the underwear out of the bag, spread out the towel, folded it the long way, and then put the bag along the side of the towel, with its open end extending about four inches beyond the edge at one end. Then I began rolling the towel, still with the end of the bag sticking out.

'Take off your underwear while I do this,' I instructed, and I could see Allen was doing as I asked. I finished rolling the towel and put three rubberbands around the rolled towel. I then took the visible end of the plastic bag and opened it back onto the rolled towel, exposing the plastic-lined opening. 'Tah dah,' I said, still trying to whisper. 'We're building a girl. Here's her vagina.' I held out the toy for Allen to see.

'How'd you learn how to do that?' Allen asked, amazed at what I had done.

'My older brother's in the army and he says the soldiers make these all the time for jacking off. He showed me how. He called it a 'fake pussy.' What do you think?'

'How do we use it?' asked Allen? His still-soft penis was swelling slightly as we talked.

I put down our toy and hooked my thumbs on the waistband of my underwear, slipping them off in one quick motion. I was getting an erection, too.

'Well, we could just use it to jackoff,' I said, holding our toy with both hands and pantomiming moving it back and forth at my groin. 'But let's build us a real girl. Give me your pillow.'

Allen reached back and grabbed his pillow. I took it and sandwiched the new toy between his and mine. I put the stacked pillows between us. 'One more thing,' I said. 'Hand me the first aid kit in the corner.' Allen crawled over to the corner where we kept the troop first aid kit, a large fishing tackle box filled with supplies. I open the box and quickly found what I wanted.

'Why is there a jar of Vaseline in the first aid kit?' asked Allen.

'For treating burns and stuff. It's just what we need.' I spied a roll of white bandage tape. 'Ah, we can use this, too.' I used the tape to help the rubberbands keep the towel rolled tightly and to keep the end of the plastic bag secured back from the opening. I then opened the jar. 'Allen, you go first. Kneel here in front of the pillows.' We were still whispering. We didn't want any surprise visits from other Scouts.

Allen followed my directions. 'Now get your penis hard.' Allen started stroking his penis, and it did not take long for him to get a stiff erection. I dipped two fingers into the Vasoline and began spreading the stuff on Allen's hard penis. I was enjoying slathering the slippery substance on his penis almost as much as he was enjoying the feeling. I left a nice dab of Vaseline on the tip of his penis.

'There, that's enough. Now slide your penis into the toy. Imagine it's a girl's vagina.' Allen leaned forward on all fours and moved his pelvis up to the pillows. He was having trouble getting into position, his erection so stiff against his belly. The height and angle were wrong.

'Wait a minute,' I said, and I slid my duffelbag over to the center of the tent and placed the stacked pillows at one end. I used more bandage tape to secure the pillows and toy to the duffelbag, with the open edge extending just a bit beyond the end of the duffle. Now the fake vagina was about ten inches above the floor of the tent, a much better height and angle. Plus, I thought, the duffle bag could be the imaginary girl's body. I thought very briefly about how I might make some fake breasts for the girl we were building, but I quickly dismissed that idea and turned my attention back to helping Allen mount our toy.

'Here, let me help you,' I said. I lifted the bottom pillow up with my left hand while I positioned his penis with my right. I gave it a few more strokes to harden it up. I put the head of his penis right up against the opening of the toy and whispered, 'Now go at it.' I watched as Allen slowly slipped his penis into the toy. I still supported the pillows with my left hand to keep the angle right. Finally the toy swallowed the entire length of Allen's penis, six hard, thin inches. Then instinct took over, as he began pumping in and out of the toy.

'Slower,' I said. 'Enjoy the feeling going in and coming out.' A few times he pulled out too far and I had to help him find the hole again with the head of his penis. I still had plenty of Vasoline on my right hand, and I began to stroke my own penis with my slippery right hand while I held the pillows with my left. I put that greasy hand on Allen's butt, not pushing, but feeling his muscles contract and rest as he pumped away. At one point I let my middle finger roam to his butt hole. I thought that would startle Allen, but he didn't seem to notice, he was so engrossed in making love to our imaginary girl.

Allen was breathing heavily and even grunting a little as he stroked himself in and out the fake vagina I had built for our fake girl. I scooted around behind Allen, sitting behind him with my legs stretch out on the backs of his calves. Keeping my right palm on his pumping butt. I pressed the pad of my middle finger against his butt hole and began playing with his balls with my left hand. Then when he was on an upstroke, with his penis pulled almost completely out of the toy, I reached under his balls and I pressed my left palm against his pubis, letting the 'V' between my left thumb and forefinger rest firmly against his moving penis shaft. He took a few more strokes, but the added pressure on his penis and maybe my pressing his butt hole brought him over the edge. I saw his testicles retract up into his body as he made one final thrust into the toy. He had put his face down on the duffelbag and hugged the bag-our fake girl-as he had his orgasm. He lay still for a few seconds, panting, but when he made a move to pull out I held his butt with my right palm. 'No, wait,' I said, as I gently pushed him back into the toy. I wanted to be sure his cum stayed in the toy. I could feel his butt relax.

Meanwhile, I was using my Vaseline-smeared right hand to stroke my own penis into an erection. 'Okay,' I said, pulling him back with my left hand, feeling some dribble of cum on the back of my hand as he pulled completely out of the toy. 'My turn,' I said, as I gently pushed him aside. I moved into position and pushed down my hard penis to meet the hole we had created. I paused with my penis head at the opening and then pushed myself in, putting out my stiff arms to rest them on either side of the duffelbag. I could feel Allen's still-warm cum in the bag, mixing with the Vaseline and making the bag incredible slippery. It felt fantastic. The thought that my penis was slip-sliding in Allen's cum excited me, and I had to force myself to slow down, to take my own advice to Allen to take long, slow strokes.

Allen thoughtfully returned the favor of moving around behind me and stroking my balls as I moved in and out. I didn't think Allen would be adventurous enough to play with my butt hole, but he surprised me by putting the pad of his finger against my moving anus. I could feel the oncoming orgasm and quickened my pace, finally making one deep, forceful thrust into the toy, spurting a huge load into the mixture of Vasoline, precum, and cum already there. I withdrew only when I felt my penis begin to shrivel, and I rolled to my left onto my back.

'Wow,' I said as my breathing returned to normal. 'I really like our girlfriend.' I laughed quietly, and Allen joined me.

'Wasn't that icky with my cum in there?' asked Allen.

'No,' I relied. 'It felt great. Warm and slippery.' I was aware of the distinct smell of cum in the tent. I reached for my underwear and cleaned off my penis, still excited that my cum had mixed with Allen's. Then I did something I had done that first night, but that was in the dark and Allen didn't see me. This time we were in the light and I raised my cum-soaked underwear to my face and inhaled deeply through my nose, enjoying the bleachy smell. My penis began swelling again.

Allen looked astonished. 'What are you doing?' he asked.

'I like the smell. It makes me horny again. Try it.' I handed the underwear toward him, and he took it tentatively. He held the shorts just under his nose and sniffed.

'You like it?' I asked.

'I guess.' He took another sniff. 'Yeah, I see what you mean.' His shriveled penis was beginning to show life.

As Allen and I recovered from our first orgasms with our new toy, our fake girl, I was working on the next game. I pulled the rolled towel from between the pillows and put the duffelbag back into the corner of the tent. It and the pillows still had the tape and some spilled cum on them, but I would clean those up later. I held the towel with the open end up to keep the cum soup from spilling on the tent floor.

'What now?' asked Allen. He knew from the previous night that my brain somehow concocted elaborate masturbation games. I think he was eager to see what came next.

'Same toy, new game.'

(to be continued)



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