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Science Class Fun

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This is a true story that happened between me and a girl (k the first letter of her name)this story took place in the back of a dark science class.


First I'll describe myself I have somewhat long dark colored hair and I'm tall. Just to help with the story the classroom had black tables instead of desks. Anyway it was a normal day in my earth science class the teacher was showing a movie, so I was sitting next to this girl. She had long black hair and nice boobs. I was sitting there not really paying attention to the movie so I was looking at her ass I was thinking to myself what it would be like to see her naked. Then she turned to me and said why are you looking at my ass? I tried to act like I wasn't(so I wouldn't seem like a pervert).

So I said I'm not looking at your ass. Then she said that she saw me. Then she showed me that she had saw me through a mirror(The ones girls use to fix their make up and stuff like that). I felt really embarrassed I kept thinking how much of a pervert this must think I am. So I sat there for a minute or two really embarrassed. Then she said 'it's okay I don't mind if you look at my ass, if you want you can touch my ass'. So I squeezed her ass. (May I say she had a nice ass).

The bell rang and the teacher said that we would be watching the other parts of the movie for the next two days. On the way out (us being at the back of the room we left last) She grabbed my ass and smiled at me. The next day not much happened between the two of us. But on the third and final day of the movie is where the real fun began. So we were sitting there and she turned to me and said 'I'm feeling really horny I'm gonna play with myself for the rest of the period'. She slowly reached down her pants and slowly rubbed her pussy. I sat there and watched her play with her pussy. then she asked 'do you wanna take over?' I said yea (obviously who wouldn't)so she took my hand and slid it down her pants. I could feel from how wet she was. That she was as horny as I was. So I rubbed her pussy for a minute or two then she pulled my hand out.(I'm guessing she didn't wanna moan and the whole class hear.)She saw that I had a boner and asked if she could see my dick. I looked around and there was nobody close enough to see what we were doing. So I moved closer to her and unzipped my pants and showed her my dick.(The table blocked me so only me and her could see). She said wow nice and smiled. She said can you touch me again now I'm really turned on. So I slowly rubbed her pussy again. We then noticed that the period was about to end. So we had to stop our fun.

I thought about how wet she was and how I got to touch her. I thought about this all day. Then when I got home I stroked my dick and had one of the best mastubation sessions I've ever had! I hope that we will fool around again one day. Hopefully somewhere more secluded so we can really have fun. I wish I could have made her have a full orgasm but we couldn't in class obviously.



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