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Sciatica Orgasm

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Bit about myself, I work in a hard labor job also am a gym rat so have always had a built body etc. Recently I had a back injury due to bad form at the gym... and have been not able to do much, After five weeks I had a scan, the doctor told me I had a slipped disk causing severe sciatica.

But before the scan I was lying in bed feeling sorry for myself, Having been missing social events and sport, and was feeling kinda horny, at the time sex was the last thing on my mind due to the pain.

Yet I found a position lying on my back with a pillow under my hamstrings where there was almost no pain.

As I relaxed I started to feel horny, for the first time in weeks. Before then I masturbated regularly almost every day sometimes twice a day.

So after three weeks I had a lot of pent up horniness in me.

So as I lay there I decided to put my lap top on my chest, (I was just wearing boxers at this point) and read Solo Touch stories, I love Female solo stories.

As I read I became really horny and pulled my boxers down to stroke my six inch hard cock.

I'm uncircumcised so kinda rub the skin back and forth over the bulb, and push down so my cock is facing on an angle towards my feet, kinda makes my cock feel like its straining against my palm.

As I rub my cock I get really horny, and I read a story about a girl edging her orgasm, it turns me on so much I feel my orgasm get ready to start.

Suddenly I start to rock my hips, just the little rocking motion caused extreme pain centered in my lower back just above my anus all the way down my left leg.

The pain shocks and hurts so much it stops my orgasm from starting and I stop wanking.

I was annoyed that the sciatica caused me the pain and to lose my orgasm, so determined I started again.

I rubbed my cock and tried not to move, but as I felt my orgasm start, I would involuntary rock my hips, and again sciatica and pain would shoot down my lower back and left leg like a bolt of lighting stopping my orgasm before it started.

But this time I felt that I got just a little bit closer to cumming than before.

So once again stubborn as I was I started again rubbing my cock reading another solo story about a girls first orgasm, then like before as I got ready to cum bang sciatica.

This happened over and over, but each time my sciatica seemed a bit different less painful, and I felt just that little bit closer to going over the edge.

After what seemed hours of wanking and a lot of solo stories I finally got there and boy was it amazing.

The final time I was wanking hard but slowly my cock was on fire each pump of my hand I felt pleasure build, I knew that it was going to be a very big and intense orgasm.

I was almost in slow motion, time seemed to slow down, I felt myself near the edge of a massive orgasm.

Each stroke brought me closer and the feelings of pleasure in my cock increased.

Then just before I hit the point of no return I jerked my hips and bang sciatica, but this time was different, there was no pain instead there was a wierd plesure bolt that started in my lowerback and went down my left leg.

That sent me over and I stroked my cock and rocked my hips two more times feeling my orgasm build with each thrust, the sciatic pleasure doubling.

My first rope of cum burst out of me as I felt the sciatic pleasure bolt down my lower body, it went over the lap top and hit my face and wall behind my pillow.

The next four bursts of cum hit the back of the laptop. The orgasm seemed to last half a minute. Slowly I stopped thrusting and the sciatic pleasure faded.

Worth the pain? Yes

Do it again maybe before my op next week lol



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