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School Trip Panty Raid

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Not their real names


Some years ago my class went on a trip for a week to a big city. There were these three hot 16 year old girls named Tiffany, Sophia, and April in my class, that I jacked off thinking of them.

Well anyway, on the day we arrived I felt kind of sick so I stayed at our residence on the first day while everyone went out. I was alone so I went up to their rooms and raided their bags for panties. I took one from each of them and sniffed them, they had a faint aroma of their pussies left. I wrapped a pair of panties on my cock and sniffed the others. I started jacking with the panties on my cock and came in them. I did the same with the other pair and came in it too. I put the two I came in back and took the other with me.

A couple of days later I went to take my shower, at which I had to go past the laundry room.

I saw Tiffany carrying a basket of dirty clothes to the laundry room. Everything was being used already so she just left her basket there and went back to her room. I dug through it and only found two panties. One was still damp and smelled so sweet. The other had a little pee stain in it and I started sniffing it. I jacked off with one pair while licking the other. I blew a load into them and put them back. After that I went to take my shower. When I got out she was walking away and I just stared at her nice ass. I walked to the dryer and saw a pair of panties which I took with me to my room.

The next day after we finished our stuff for the day, and everyone went to sleep. I saw April walking towards the showers. I went to the dryer pretending I was waiting for my clothes and waited until I heard the shower start. I snuck in and saw her clothes on the floor. She was in the shower around the corner and couldn't see me. So I grabbed her dirty soiled panties from her jeans and stuffed it in my pants. I left and went back to my room with her soiled panty.

A day after that everyone went to go eat at a place a couple of blocks away. Again I stayed just to raid some more panties. I watched tv for awhile then I went up to Sophia's and dug around for her panties. I found three pairs of soiled panties and one pair of clean ones. I was getting tired of just pumping my dick with my hand so I dressed up her pillow with her clean panty, her bra and one of her shirts. It was nothing much but it was good. I started humping the pillow while licking the area where her boobs would be, pretending I was sucking on her tits. I put the pillow under me and started pumping faster and faster, than I shot a big load all over her shirt. I rubbed the rest of the cum on the panty and left.

On our last day the chaperones were talking to us about our travel arrangments. I said I needed to get something from my room but I went to the three girls rooms instead. Everyone was packed and would check their bags until we got home. I grabbed a couple more panties from each of the girls. Each of them were still dirty and soiled because they hadn't done any laundry I guess. I went back to Tiffany's room and dug around for another pair. I found another pair that had a yellow stain in it. I sniffed and licked it and started masturbating. after about five minutes I wrapped them around my cock and pumped faster and faster until I came in her panty. I shot like six spurts of cum in it. I went to my room and put the panties I just grabbed in the bag with the other I took. I came home with like nine pairs of panties, I don't think they even knew it was me.



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