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School Toilets

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Late starter...fourteen


Wanking was always a joke between the guys at school, I know now that they all did but everyone spent so much time talking about it and then denying the fact that they'd ever tried it. That is in the first few years at secondary school, when we were all a little older we all just talked about it, I mean we all knew that we did it! But while we were young we were content to joke and lie.

Sex education at school was very clinical and didn't describe anything well at all, least of all masturbation. In fact I think two sentences were spent on masturbation and they were, 'There may come a time when you might want to try touching yourself to experience the sensations, this is called masturbation.' and 'Most people, expecially boys masturbate, and it doesn't matter how often you do it so long as it's private and safe.' That was nice to hear, so I could touch my penis in a private place safely?

Naturally it was the older guys who we heard most of the stuff about sex from, not understanding most of it, before any of us had tried masturbating we would talk about some stupid things to do with it. We all thought you went blind if you did it, that masturbation gave you hairy palms and involved chickens!

At that young age we really had no idea what the whole thing was about but of course we had to talk as if we knew something about it, and we all knew that the school toilets was where a lot of boys did their masturbating at dinner time. For whatever reason, no privacy at home etc.

As it was the toilets were disgusting and I only went in there when I ABSOLUTELY had to, so I was ignorant for the most part regarding masturbation. I would get hard and horny but that was it, in fact I was becoming very irritable even for a teenager as I neared my fourteenth birthday. Looking back now it was probably the frustration, because I changed so rapidly when I did discover it, it seems obviouse that that is what it was.

But I digress.

I began snapping at people at first, then losing concentration, and then all interest in everything that wasn't sexual. I swear for about half a year starting perhaps a month before my fourteenth birthday and five afterwards I was somebody else. Reclusive and bad tempered and I spent all my time doing my damndest to try and get off on something, usually through a visual medium. It honestly never occurred to me to touch myself 'in a private space that is safe and secure'.

So there was a dinner time, I was sat eating my lunch with some friends who were getting really pissed off at how much of a .... I was being and decided to tell me. After about a quarter of an hour of listening to their ranting I just stood up and walked away and they laughed. When I was out of sight I began to run, and I ran into the only private place I could think of, which was the disgusting and dingy toilets.

I just sat in there enjoying the silence and solitude, breathing through my mouth. People came and left and it was all boring. I heard some guy go into a cubicle a few down from me, he was there maybe ten minutes before I thought he's been a long time, suddenly there was a slight murmer and he left very quickly!

I was confused, but thought nothing of it. A few minutes later another cubicle was taken, and there was heavy breathing, another cubicle again, and another cubicle. Then the cubicle next to me!

I heard a few people leave their cubicles, and was considering doing the same as lunch was almost over. As I leaned forward resting my elbows on my knees I let my head hang, and could see a shoe...quivering. Silence fell in the toilets and at length I began to hear heavy breathing. I became a little worried now and got to my knees looking under the wall of the cubicle. I could only see the rapidly moving shadow and the quivering trousers and boxers around the ankles.

I spent all my time horny and this was no exception. I had had a boner from waking up but now it was throbbing. Intrigued I tried to get a little closer to see better, and as I approached I saw the guys face. I was so concerned with getting caught that I didn't even notice him wanking at first, just his face. It was contorted into some strange expressions, all red and flustered with his eyes closed thank God. Then I noticed his dick, and what he was doing. It looked huge from this angle, all red and sweaty and balls hung heavy in his hairy sack that swayed with his rhythm.

I just kneeled fixated. He began to squirm, he raised his head and opened his eyes, not noticing me thankfully, but I ducked away any way and just saw his ankles, as he turned to face his toilet. I could tell that he was leaning on the wall in front of him propping himself up with his free hand.

I neared some more and could see him from behind, not his face, but his ass with his balls swinging wildly as he tugged at it as if he were trying to yank it off. Everything was shaking and even the cubicle walls quivered, and then he appeared to piss some white liquid, shot actually a strong ribbon into the toilet making it slosh! the others were weak but I was impressed with that.

He wiped his dick and then I got back up onto my toilet and sat up quickly so as not to be noticed. I knew that what it was, it was ejaculation, the stuff from my wet dreams and in the video where they showed us the condom with the semen in it.

The rest of that day I was horny as anything and struggled to contain my boner. I ran home as well as I could with my rock hard dick sticking out of my trousers. I got in and went straight to my bedroom, much to the displeasure of my mother. I locked my door and just dropped my trousers.

My boxers seemed to stick out further than ever before and there was a big wet circle where what I now know to be precum had leaked out. I struggled to get the waist band around the head but when I did it sprang up to attention and I saw some clear liquid sort of emerge in the eye. I touched it with my finger and there was a sort of spark that ran through my body and it jumped, leaking a little more. I felt the precum, it definately wasn't piss since it was too thick.

Hesitantly I touched my dick copying the guy in the cubicle, it was awesome from the off. My knees buckled and I nearly fell, I just didn't know what to expect, so I sat down and carried on and there was this all over body sensation of warmth and adrenaline with all the tingles and exstacy and exhaustion that comes with it.

It was as though I was going for ages, but there was no way I was stopping, not until I ejaculated and then suddenly a massive build up of pressure flooded down into my stomach and I found myself thrusting my hips forward. The tingles became very located in my groin, and the pressure heaved down into the bottom of my dick as I thrust and tensed every muscle I had to achieve this pathetic dribble down my dick, but it felt like I was floating and tingling and surging and throbbing.

I lay there for a few minutes in the after glow, cleaned myself up after a few minutes and tried it again and again and again. After that day I was a lot more relaxed but just as moody. My friends preferred the wanking me as well I think.



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