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School Time Romance

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i have been struglling with my sexuality for years, but then the other day this happened, it was my first time with anyone to do anything so enjoy....


Im not so certain about my sexuality, am I gay or bi, I don't know.

Yet somehow most people at school expect me to be gay, even though I haven't come out. Anyway the other day I was in class opposite a hot guy. He wasn't drop dead gorgeous, but just had some sort of sexiness about him, he had short blonde hair and an athletic,slender sort of body.

Well, it was about halfway through the lesson and we were all tired, when he stretched back on his chair yawning, by doing this his shirt untucked from his pants revealing his flat stomach and tresure trail of hair down into his pants, god how much I longed to touch him, I was mesmerised.

It was then that he tilted his head forward and saw me starinng at him, 'what you looking at?' he mouthed to me with an evil expression. He didn't say it outloud as the teacher was talking. I didn't respond, but just started paying attention to the teacher again. I then got the biggest shock of my life as he had removed his shoe and began rubbing his foot up and down my leg, I got an instant hard-on, but immediately retracted my leg giving him an evil look, believing it was another of many school boy taunts made by most boys. He started doing it agian and winked at me, I was now breathing heavily but again retracted my leg.

He started mouthing words to me again, 'why do you keep moving your leg?'

'Because I'm not gay!' I responded.

'Anyone who was confident with their sexuality would just take it as a joke'

It was then that he started doing it again, and I let him, just to prove a point.

He began to raise his foot higher, he was now stroking my inner thigh and was steadily making his way towards my crotch, it was then when I flinched again, this time out of pleasure, but he believed it to be me retracting my leg, he mouthed the words 'YES! I win' with a cheeky grin on his face. I responded with 'are you gay?' considering the fact most would not have gone so far with what he called a joke. He just smiled and ignored me.

About five minutes later he rested his foot on my leg, and said 'you dont mind, do you?' I said no and I rested my foot on his other knee just to show a bit of affection. He smiled. At the end of the class when it came to removing my foot I slowly slid it on the inside of his thigh and down his leg before backing up and leaving without saying anything to him.

The next class, I didnt have with him. I needed the toilet, so I asked the teacher and he said ok. On my way I was walking down the corridor, slowly as to waste time, when I saw his class, they were all busy working, except him. He was being a bad lad as usual. I made eye contact before continuing to the toilet.

I entered one of the stalls and started to pee. I left the door open because I was being lazy. A few seconds later a hand grabbed my ass, I turned my head in shock and saw it was him, all he said was 'shh', he then shut and locked the door and then wrapped his arm around me and took my cock as the last of the urine came out and he shook it for me. I could feel the warmth of his body on me, and the bulge of his cock against my back, and his warm breath on my neck, he began to kiss and lick my neck. I turned around and kissed him pasionatley, feeling his ass, it lasted about a minute, before I realised I had to get back to class. I walked away with a grin on my face and a raging boner, I havent talked to him since, but I hope more happens, I finished myself off when I got home afetr school.



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