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School time fun

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What are freinds for?


I have a really good freind at school. Chris is in my year and although we arent an 'item' what happened last week may go that way in the end I guess. It was lunchtime and we were sitting together. I dont remember quite how, but the subject got onto sex. I was teasing him by pointing out the really good looking girls in our year and saying stuff like 'I know she is shaved'... and 'That girl takes it up the ass.' Chris joined in and started talking about the guys cocks.

Then he said 'Fuck Anna, I'm gonna have to jack off before class.' In an instant I felt really wet. Like a huge blob of pussy juice had juiced ozzed into my panties. I said 'I think I will too.' The next thing we were running through the school to an upstairs door that said 'Students not allowed.' I knew that this was an old attic storage space and we could easilly hide if anyone came in. We fould a really secluded spot and I lay on the floor and hotched my skirt up. Chris got his cock out and stood over me.

I slipped my hand inside my panties and started to rub myself. It felt really erotic. He was standing over me and I was laying on my back with my legs open like some kinda of slut. By now I was really wet and I slipped off my panties and held them up to Chris. 'Go on...take them. You can smell my cunt on them.' (Talking really bad is something that always is sure fire for me.) Chris took them and held them to his face and breathed in deep. I saw his cock twitch and pre-cum started out.

As I was getting real close and I like talking dirty I said 'You can see how wet I am. My cunt is dripping and needs a good fucking.' It was then that I felt my orgasm building up hard and I wanted Chris to talk to me so I said. 'Fuck, I'm gonna cum.. call me some names. Talk dirty to me.' Time seemed to go into slow motion and each word he said got me closer. 'You are so fucking wet. Your cunt smells so good. I want to lick your cunt off your pissy knickers.' I was almsot there... 'Names... call me names.' I breathed. 'You dirty little slut. Your cunt needs my fucking cock up it you little whore.' At that I exploded. A huge orgasm rocked through me and I am afraid tnat I also peed a lot. Chris arched his back and a long shot of cum leapt from his cock and slpattered onto my legs and my tummy. I held my pussy lips apart and felt a large spurt hit my clit and my hole. Chris said how much he had liked wathcing me cum. He also said that it had turned him on seeing me pee.

A few days later I gave him a real surprise... but maybe I will tell you that another time.



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