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School Swimming Pool

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I belonged to the boys club in our village. It was good to go each week and meet up with friends, play games and be taught interesting things.

I remember when fairly soon after joining there was a map reading competition in the form of an overnight hike. It was really for the older boys, but they were not allowed to go alone. They had to take with them another, often younger, boy.

As I was recently joined I thought I had little chance of going but my friend who was two years older than me asked me to go with him. I was so excited as we got on very well and this was the first opportunity to be away from home over night.

The day finally arrived and I was so excited. The two of us arrived at the start point and opened our secret orders. This gave us the route we had to take and explained how we could gain points at the places we had to go to. We set off and after a couple of hours we arrived at a school where it had been arranged for Boys to stay over night. The caretaker told us where to pitch our tent. When we got to the school field there were two other boys pitching their tent. They were friendly and we soon got talking. These two boys dared us to join them in the school swimming pool. This was a dare not to miss even though the caretaker had said it was strictly out of bounds.

As the pool was open air it was not difficult to get into. It was a warm evening and as none of us had swimming trunks we were dared to swim nude. I had never swum nude before and indeed had not seen my friend nude or anyone else for that matter. At home I was an only child and was always being told to cover up and that it was dirty not to wear clothes.

As the three other boys took off their t-shirts and shorts and trainers and finally their pants, I was shocked to see that they were all bigger than me. The two boys we had met at the school were about the same age as my friend who was just beginning puberty. Their willies and balls were bigger than mine and there was some curly hair growing just above their willies. I was small, very pink and hairless as I was still too young to start puberty. All four of us got into the water with no comment on our nakedness. It felt wonderful, the coolness of the water as we begun to swim nude. This experience I would repeat many times later in life. After a short while I forgot we were all nude because it was such fun.

Suddenly there was a voice that boomed 'What are you four doing?' Two young men had arrived. They looked eighteen or nineteen. They ordered us out of the pool and made us all stand in a line. I was terribly afraid that my parents would find out. The young men walked up and down in front and behind us looking at our bodies. I had tried to cover my willy with my hands but got shouted at to keep my hands by my side. As they both walked around the front of us they began to touch our willies 'What do you call these little things?' 'Would you like to see proper willies?' They smilled and winked at each other. The four of us timidly said yes, although I had no idea what they meant or what would happen next.

The two young men took off their trainers and t-shirts to reveal very taut and slightly hairy chests. They then took off their shorts and finally their pants. My eyes must have popped out like organ stops. I had never seen such big parts. Their balls were the size of a grapefruit and their willies hung down over the top of their balls and were six to seven inches long. They had curly black hair surrounding their balls and willies. 'What about these then' they said. I was glad I had agreed to see what a proper willy looked like.

They then ordered us to get into the water and they joined us. We raced and stood as they swam through our legs, it was quite exciting and I remember quite a tingling feeling in my willy. When we swam through their legs I remember feeling their willies rub down the length of my back and bottom. There was a lot of touching of our bodies, our bottoms were grabbed as were our balls and willies.

After a while they ordered us all out and again made us stand in line. This time our willies were quite hard as were their's. The sight of these two nude young men was quite something. Each of them took two of us and they began to rub and examine our willies and balls. They showed us how they wanted us to rub and touch them. Do you know what you are doing, I was asked. I did not, I was so unaware that a willy had any other purpose than to pee. I had no idea about sex at all.

As we rubbed the young men's willies they began to moan and stiffen and suddenly some white stuff shot out in spurts from the purple tips of their willies onto their chests. My friend also suddenly exploded from his willy and I had this wonderful feeling and explosion in my willy and balls. No white stuff came as I guess I was too young.

It was the best experience of my life. I hardly slept that night as I was thinking about those huge willies. My friend and I often used to have mutual sessions but they never matched that first time.



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