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School Showers

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Well, there was this time we had P.E. lessons at school, and this particular lesson was quite laid-back-if you wanted to spend most of the lesson in the adjoining storeroom sitting on the boxes and messing about, then generally you could get away with doing just that. This one time, there weren't so many of us in the gym-some had opted for doing other games stuff elsewhere-and as it was a warm afternoon, the teacher let us drift off to get changed whenever we wanted. (He probably hoped we'd all go sooner so he could sneak off himself).

Well, the other guy I'd teamed up with that day and I finished our exercise tasks, and we went down to the changing rooms to. Well, get changed!

The other lad-we'll call him Micheal-went over to the large communal shower area and turned them on (to heat up presumably), then came back to the pegs where our stuff was to get undressed. I hadn't planned on having a shower, but it seemed like a good idea.

He stripped naked and walked in. I paused for a moment, I wasn't sure if I really wanted to go in after all at this point. I'd been in them many times before obviously, but only when there were loads of other boys there. This time there would only be two of us -the changing rooms were deserted-and it seemed sort of odd. Anyway, I plucked up courage, dropped my pants and joined him. Michael was ginger-haired, freckly and slightly overweight. I was taller for my age, dark haired and slim. Neither of us were vastly developed, and we both only had a few pubes, I noticed.

'So you've come then?' He smirked at me, and pinched a showerhead to direct a stream of water at me. He was in a playful mood, and I did the same. Then I took a handful of liquid soap from the dispenser and slapped it down on top of his head!

'Right! You're dead!' he said with a grin and grabbed me around my waist. I did the same and we both tried to trip each other up onto the obviously very wet shower floor. We were both slippery and this was quite a laugh, then-by accident or not I don't know-his hand touched my cock. 'Ha I've got your nob,' he said quietly in my ear.

I was shocked, and I think I said something like 'Get off you cheeky git, that's personal.' Mild I know, but secretly I found it funny.

He didn't let go, but started feeling it more. Now I really didn't know what to think about this. I wasn't/am not gay, but this felt nice.

'We shouldn't do that,' I said.

'It's alright, no one knows and no one can see,' he replied. He obviously could tell I wasn't too bothered.

'As long as noone will know,' I said. I stopped struggling, and nervously I reached out to feel his cock, which had just begun to stiffen as had mine.

'We've got hard-ons,' he said. So we had, and whilst keeping a nervous look out for others, we wanked each other off. After a short time, I couldn't hold back any longer and I shot a stream of cum on the floor and a bit hit his leg. I immediately felt bad and started to let go, but he came almost immediately after (seeing me cum must have tipped him over the edge). His cum sprayed on my stomach and legs, and I very quickly reached for more liquid soap to clean up.

We cleaned, dried off and got dressed in silence. On the way out we managed to break the silence, agreed it wasn't gay and that we were just having a laugh. We never did it again (didn't have chance even if we had wanted), thankfully though we still were friends, just didn't mention it again.

It brings a smirk to think about it now looking back. Maybe if there's ever a school reunion one of us will bring it up. It'd be a laugh to see the faces of our wives/girlfriends at the least.

Hope you all enjoyed my story.



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