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School Project

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It was fantastic reading my first submission, Homework Fun, in Solo Touch, so much so I have been inspired to recount my final school days. At thirteen I had moved away from John and the rest of my growing up buddies and moved to the country where I was a long way from my new school friends. However it did have some advantages in that I could jack off outdoors and even do it naked without anyone knowing, so for almost three years I enjoyed this new naked freedom and jacked off quite often.

In my final year at school, when I was just coming up to 16, I had various projects to do for exams and one of these was about migrating birds. I had started to log local bird movements in the autumn and was doing the same that spring recording the last and then the first sightings of different species and in between the write up of where they came and went to and from and the route they took. The others doing that exam were covering animal behaviour through the seasons, with the exception of one other guy, Colin. He hadn't been part of my circle of friends so I didn't really know a lot about him, he was just one of the guy's in the class until we started working on the same project. The teacher pointed out that since we were studying the same subject we should work together and compare notes, so we started to work together but found that since I lived out in the country and Colin was in town we saw very different species of birds and I was recording a wider variety than Colin. We decided it would be better if Colin came out to my place to study more varieties so one Saturday in late September he biked the 6 miles out to where I lived and we headed for a nearby wood where I knew there was a number of different birds for Colin to see.

We had a great morning spotting and recording all the different species and Colin was well versed and knew far more which ones over-wintered and which migrated than I did at the time. Colin kept on saying how lucky I was living out in the country and having all the open space to enjoy and how he would have liked to live out here. We worked our way round the wood and at the far side came to the large stream that flowed past it. Along the side of the wood one of the local farmers had dug out the stream and put a small dam to make a large pool for irrigating his crops. This time of year it was just a deep clear pool. Colin saw it and asked if I had ever been swimming in it, but when I told him no, he said it would be a great place to swim and did I fancy a dip? I just said it sounded a good idea but it was a long way back to the house for my swimming gear. Colin just laughed and said. 'There's no one around so why don't we go skinny-dipping, it's what you country folks do, isn't it?'

'I don't know I've never tried skinny-dipping.' I replied.

'Go on. I dare you.' Said Colin. I was undecided, I liked swimming but to go nude with another guy again could I control my cock, but having been challenged like that I started to undress by taking my shirt off and telling Colin, 'I dare if you dare.'

He responded by taking his shirt off while I took off my shoes and socks, then I stood watching as he removed his shoes and socks. Then he stood looking at me and just said, 'Your turn again.' So now I undid my jeans and took them off leaving me standing there in my boxer shorts watching Colin undo his jeans and take them off leaving him standing in front of me in a pair of narrow sided tight white pants with a large bulge in front. I was quite taken by them, they looked better than my boxers and he looked good in them, I said. 'You don't wear those for gym lessons.' No these are for weekends, and without waiting for me he pushed his pants down letting his cock spring free as I watched. I had seen Colin nude in the showers before but never really took a lot of notice, but close up his soft cock was quite a bit thicker than mine but about the same length. He stepped out of his briefs and stood waiting for me to follow his example so I pushed my boxers down and stepped out of them, enjoying once again the feeling of being naked outdoors. For a few seconds we looked at each other until he turned towards the pool. We walked the few yards to the edge of the pool and looked into the water. The farmer had lined the excavation with stones and a thin layer of mud had settled to cover them but the water was gin clear.

I made a big mistake, looking into the clear water I thought it was only a few inches deep so went to step down into the pool. It wasn't a few inches and as I transferred my weight expecting my foot to touch bottom I suddenly found the bottom was a lot deeper, I lost balance and fell into the pool. I came up gasping for air, not from going under but from how cold the water was. I was now stood a few yards into the pool up to my chest in water while Colin stood on the bank helpless with laughter. I tried to make out it wasn't that cold and he should join me and started to swim across the pool. As I turned back I was in time to see Colin sit on the edge and lower himself into the water, then he leaned forward and half dived and half slid into the water full length and start to swim towards me. We met in the middle and we both said how cold it was but after a minute or so we were becoming acclimatised. We swam around for several minutes until our movements had stirred up quite a bit of mud and the water was turning brown not crystal clear. We headed for the bank and climbed out, of course the cold water had the usual effect on my cock and it was half the size it normally is, and I noticed the same had happened to Colin's. He caught me looking and laughed but pushed his cock out towards me and said, 'Any smaller and it will disappear altogether, then I'll have nothing to play with.'

'What do you mean, nothing to play with?' I asked before stopping to think. I realised as soon as I said it there was only one thing he could have meant and that was masturbating!

He just grinned at me and said, 'Come off it, you know, jacking off, playing with your pork, masturbating, what ever you want to call it, all guys do it, it's part of growing up.' I had to match his grown up and worldly wise attitude so I just said, 'Oh yes, jacking off, of course I have. Anyway how are we going to get dry now?' I said changing the subject and he just said if we went for a run the movement and the wind would dry us off or we could just lie in the sun.

I didn't want to admit to Colin that I regularly went naked down the wood side and even out into the open. It was also one of my favourite places to jack off, so, I said, 'I bet you wouldn't dare run around naked.'

'Why not? There's no one but us around and if there is we can hide in the trees. Come on put you sneakers back on and lets go.' He said as he used a handkerchief to dry his feet and put his sneakers on, so I did the same. Still dripping wet and naked we ran off down the side of the wood with our shrunken cocks bobbing up and down as we ran. We soon reached the far edge of the wood and stopped. We were a lot warmer but still not dry although I noticed my cock had enjoyed the warmth and the bobbing up and down as we ran, it always did so by the time we stopped my cock was just starting to lift from the downward vertical, a quick look at Colin's confirmed his cock had enjoyed the bouncing around as well and was now bigger than when he took his pants off. In front of us was an open field where the crops had been cut but it had not been ploughed or re-seeded and a couple of hundred yards away there was a tree growing at the side of the field. Colin and I stood side by side and had a long look round. My cock was now sticking straight out but not yet upright and I am sure while Colin got me to look one way he had a good look at my cock and I did the same to him and saw his cock was now much longer but still not quite as erect as mine but he was definitely showing all the signs that he would shortly be fully erect.

'Come on, if we go to the tree and back we should be dry by then.' Said Colin and off he went out into the open, so I followed and caught up with Colin just before we got to the tree. As I caught up I saw his cock was now sticking straight out and bobbing up and down and around as he ran. The warm sun and the run had done the job and we were both more or less dried out from our swim. Colin went over and leant his back against the tree trunk and lifted one foot so the sole rested against the tree and his knee was sticking out level with his cock but as he rested his cock carried on growing until it was standing proud and erect. I stood to one side but couldn't hide my erection and didn't want to. While Colin was looking round to make sure no one was about I kept glancing at his cock and wondering if I dare make the first move and start masturbating in the hope he would join in. However just as I was nerving myself to get hold of my cock, Colin said, 'You're going to have to do something with that, you can't let a boner like that go unattended. If you're shy you can always go in the trees and jack off on your own.'

I looked at his, now beautifully erect cock, and asked, 'What about you then? It looks like yours' needs the same treatment.'

'I'm not shy so I don't mind if you watch but I'm going to jack off as soon as we get to the trees.' He said as we started walking again.

'How come you are so open about masturbating, none of the other guys dare mention it?' I asked.

'It's the way I was brought up. My mom caught me jacking off when I was eleven and she told dad, so he sat me down and talked me through sex and all that. A lot of the boy girl stuff I didn't believe at the time, but he told me all guys masturbate and there is nothing wrong doing it but there was a time and place for it and in front of mom was not it. He said I would grow out of it but to enjoy doing it in private until I did. As for the other guys not saying anything about it, that's because they were told it was dirty or not normal and they mustn't do it, so they are scared to admit doing it. Some of them have a real hang up about jacking off and enjoying it but I've always enjoyed my cock and I hope I always will. What about you?' He asked as we neared the wood.

'I was told not to but not really much more than that but I do like jacking off and do it out here quite often. I like to jack off outdoors and don't mind you watching if you want to.' I stopped then still a few yards short of the wood and turned towards him and took my cock in my hand and pulled the foreskin right back, then pushed it forward again as I stood looking at his huge erect cock. It had grown from being only slightly bigger than mine when it was soft to a cock that was a good inch longer and half as thick again as mine. It stood erect and proud in front of his belly but he made no move to touch it as he watched me masturbate. It looked so good I had to risk everything and said, 'If you aren't going to play with it can I?' I didn't wait for a reply but let go of my cock and reached for his. He didn't say anything and his only movement was to push his cock out towards me, so I took hold of it in my hand and started to rub his outer layer of skin up and down the shaft letting the big dark pink tip pop out into the fresh air. It felt so big and hard as I slid my hand up and down the shaft, I was really enjoying playing with another cock after only having my own to play with for so long. After a few minutes Colin said, 'Your good at that but it's my turn, do you mind if I do the same to yours?' I reluctantly let go and Colin came and stood close to my right side with that lovely big cock pressing into my upper thigh and hip, he got me to put my right arm round behind him and he took my cock in his right hand while he rested his left hand on my butt with the fingers just touching the crack. Very slowly he started to rub his hand up and down my cock, which was fantastic, until he changed holds and using just a finger and thumb gripped my cock just behind the head and started to work my foreskin up and down, slowly at first then increasing speed and then slowing down again. It was so good having someone else jacking me off. He stopped and let go and asked if I wanted to play with his cock again? Of course I did but this time he made me stand behind and reach round his body as if it was my own cock I was jacking off. As soon as I had hold of his cock he backed into me so my cock was pressed up against the crack of his butt, again it felt wonderful to be pressed up against his naked body and to be playing with his huge rampant cock. He managed to stop me before he came and said we should rest a minute or so and we carried on walking back to our clothes. Once we were back at the wood side he asked if I wanted him to make me cum or do it myself? I told him I would enjoy him doing it if he liked and I would make him cum. 'If you don't mind a bit of mess I know a way we can both cum together.' He said. He got me to stand in front of him with my legs slightly apart, then standing behind me he put his cock between my legs so the head was pushing against the back of my balls. Then he got me to close my legs so I gripped his cock with the top of my legs, then holding my hips he began pushing his cock back and forward. I had to reach up to a low branch for support to stop myself falling over as he humped away. He did this for a short while then stopped with his cock still between my legs and reached for my cock and started masturbating me. 'Let me know when you're ready to cum.' He told me as he pumped at my cock. All too soon I knew I was not far off coming so he slowed down but started to hump his cock between my legs, a few strokes and he stiffened and pushed his cock forward and I felt his hot cum hit the back of my balls and start to trickle down my legs. I couldn't be bothered as he had made me cum as well and pulling my foreskin right back I was shooting jets of cum all over.

Back at the pool and our clothes we got cleaned up and dressed and carried on with out project. For the remainder of the school year, Colin and I spent quite a few weekends at the wood, bird watching, mostly naked and jacking off, we even got top marks for the project. Colin was to be the last guy I enjoyed jacking off with for almost twenty years.



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