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School Daze Pocket Pool

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In grade 7 our catholic boys and girls schools got merged, the world started to become a fun place. This may have happened in grade 7 or grade 8.


When I was 13 or 14 I was pretty shy and since we were an all boys school before the merge a lot of us had not had much contact with girls. However our hormones were very active at that time and we were figuring things out. There was a couple of girls that sat on the other side of my class. They always sat sideways, towards me, at their desk. As the desks had been placed I had a perfect view of their lovely legs in their short skirts. Then I noticed that if I was lucky enough I could catch a glimpse of their coloured panties when they moved their legs. Laurie was a little to my left in my field of vision but I had Kathy right in front of me. I was sitting against the opposite wall. Kathy was often distracted and would often open her legs when talking to her friends or moving to get something. Oh yes it was also helpful to my voyeuristic fantasies that these two girls were known to be nice little sluts. One story I overheard from some older boys in the school hall was that during the past summer he had fingered both girls at the same time at a party. Also I pieced back a note Kathy gave to Laurie, that was torn up, one day. It was her wondering exactly how big one of our teacher's cock's was, as she was staring at his pants and could see part of it's shape and how she would totally fuck him if she had the chance. I masturbated often in my bed or in the bathroom thinking of her and her note and how horny she was. Kathy's breasts were also bigger than Laurie's when I stared at their chests straining against their school uniform blouses.

My youthful penis would immediately respond sitting there in class to these thoughts about them and to what I would see. I'd get instantly hard and could feel it push against the fabric of my shorts and pants. My immediate instinct was to give my cock a playful squeeze through my pants. I soon had a wonderful idea. Since my pants were fairly loose I found that if I put my hand in my right pocket I could rub and hold my cock with no one the wiser. I went one step further. I enlarged a hole in my pocket to fit the head of my cock through it. I now had skin to skin contact between my cock and my hand. I would spend most of my time looking at their legs and panties and masturbating myself as class was going on. Often when I could swing it I would keep up enough friction to actually come very, very quietly. On those lucky days when Kathy was extra careless and her panty clad mound of venus was there to feast my eyes on, I would just let go and spray my seed into the kleenex or toilet paper in my pocket. It was like instantly, as soon as I saw the mother lode, I would just go over the cliff and explode. Imagine being really, really horny (you know the type of day I mean) and being constantly stimulated by thoughts or sights. After all that foreplay, one little spark would set you off. Well this was me during that whole school year.



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