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School Days

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I loved the days...


When I was in High School, I used to jerk off a lot. I think a little more than any other normal teenager. About six times a day back then.

I used to do it two or three times in the school restrooms. Everyday during some of my classes, I would get raging hard ons. I could not for the life of me concentrate. So I would excuse myself from class, go to the restroom, stand in front of the urinal and just jerk off. Sometimes I was pretty daring and would drop my pants and boxers to the floor, other times I would just stick my cock out of my fly.

One day during our lunch break, I was of course horny as hell and didn't want to wait until class to go to the restroom, so I thought I'll just go into a stall and jerk off while sitting on the toilet, nobody would suspect. I remember hearing all the guys in the restroom while I sat there stroking it. I was beating it pretty hard and was going to nut. So I jump up and aim towards the toilet when for some reason, this orgasm was one of the best ones I've had in my life, I started to moan and squirt everywhere. There was another guy in the stall next to me, and his foot was coming under the divider. I got cum all over his shoe. I heard it splat really loud too. I stood there very still and was freaking out in my mind. I thought for sure I was going to get it. I stood looking at my wad of cum all over his shoe. He just walked away! He didn't even notice!

I know this dude saw me. He had to have. During one of my classes I decided to go jerk it in one of the restrooms. I got buck ass naked and was going to town. I shot my load all over the urinal, but this urinal was the long ones, not the individual kinds. I remember looking at my cum holding my cock. I can still remember how good it felt. Holding onto my cock as it was going soft and being totally naked in such a public place. I started putting back on my clothes and the very second, literally that I put everything on, this guy walks in and just stares at me, with a look on his face that to this day I never forgot. I just stared back and said 'What's up?' and walked away.

The next year, my dad had to make a stop at the market after he picked me up from school. I told him I'd stay in the car (because I really needed to rub one out). So when he went into the market, I pulled down my pants and stroked it in broad daylight. The orgasm was great! After I was done, I just sat there in the car, pants down and cum all over my cock, balls and legs. It wasn't until maybe 10 minutes later that I decided to pull up my pants and zip up. It wasn't long after that my father came out of the market and we went home, where I did it again, thinking about what I had just did. I was a really horny kid, and I'm now a really horny adult, except I don't take those kind of risks anymore.



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