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School Changing Rooms

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This happened about two weeks ago.

After P.E we all have to take a shower before we can go to our next lesson or home. So after P.E last Wednesday about six or seven of us decided to stay to play a game of football since it was the last lesson of the day. So after thirty minutes we were all tired and decided to hit the showers, everyone else had already had a shower and gone home. When I got back to the changing rooms I looked in my bag for my clean clothes and noticed that I had forgotten to bring some spare boxers because I normally shower in the boxers I had on and then change into some fresh one's to go home or out in, but since I had forgotten them, I decided since there was only six of us I decided to shower naked. So I stripped off and walked into the shower, all the other guys stood in the changing rooms in shock. Anyway, I started to shower when I began to get a semi-hard on but just then I looked around and noticed that all the other guys were walking in naked also and I guess that me showering naked must have encouraged the rest of them to shower naked as well. So I turned back round and continued showering. There is only eight shower heads in the changing rooms, four on either side. I turned round again so my back was to the wall and there was Josh stud at the shower opposite me and from some of the rumours that I had heard he had a big cock.

I'm not that bad myself at a little under eight inches. He had his back turned to me so I couldn't see if the rumours were true or not, then he turned round and he was rock hard, and the rumours were true it must have been nine inches easily. I immediately became rock hard. Then I said loud enough for the rest of the guys to hear 'what you got a hard on for Josh' and then he quickly replied 'well what have you got a hard on for' I had one because I had seen his huge cock but I didn't want to tell him that because I would become extremely embarrassed, so I replied 'I dunno' all the other guys just laughed, but then Josh shouted 'I don't know what you guys are laughing at because your all hard too.' which they were, six 15/16-year-old boys with raging hardons. This was a shock enough, then Josh says 'I'm going to have to have a wank to get rid of the hardon.' Well my bottom lip nearly hit the floor with shock then I thought to myself what the hell why not join him, so I asked if I could join him and he replied 'Course you can, in fact you all can.' So there we were, six of us all there all jerking ourselves off. Matty was the first to cum and he had the smallest cock he came all over the floor in the middle of the shower room. I was the next to last to cum and cummed in the same spot as everyone else. Josh was the last to cum after 15 minutes and he cum the most, we had nearly covered the whole floor in cum. We showered again and cleaned up.

We have plans to do the same again next Wednesday, I will leave more stories as they cum.

Thanks for reading.



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