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School Camping Trip

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This was around five years ago, we were on a week long camping trip that the school organised for year eights in the UK. (13th yr)

We'd just got back to the campsite, we'd been walking all day and it was dark already, so we were all tired and wanting to laze about.

First thing we all had to do was eat, we got herded into the eating tent and ate on picnic tables, where the conversation descended into dirty stuff (thanks to being teenage boys)

The conversation was about all sorts of stuff, mainly penis jokes, but once we finished we headed straight back to the tent.

There was five of us in the tent, there was me, a small guy called Nathan, a freckly blonde guy called Matt, a bushy haired guy called Tom and a freckly small brown haired guy called George.

We carried on the penis jokes, as you do, and this went on for quite a fair while before they ran out. Then, George and Nathan, the smallest people of our small canvas tent tried to make some bad jokes about pubic hair.

Because of how bad the jokes where, we teased them about there own personal development. Mine, Toms and Matts voices had all broken and we were into puberty already, but Nathans and Georges hadn't so we had our suspicions.

'You blatantly dont have pubes yet!' we said, 'no we do!' they exclaimed, both blushing. 'come on guys, lets find out' we exclaimed to each other. I took care of Nathan, because he was the weaker one, wheras Matt and Tom had to take care of George cos he was the stronger struggler.

We unzipped both there sleeping bags and undid their jeans, then took down their boxers. And low and behold neither had pubes! Both, bright red, looked at each other, I think they were thankful they werent alone.

We said 'we dont mind really!, we were just curious!, how about we make a day of it and all get naked?'

We were all good friends, so we decided to try it, everyone else was in bed and our tent was roped shut nicely so nobody could see in, so we all took everything off and lay on our sleeping bags.

We asked George and Nathan if they'd ever wanked before, which they exclaimed they hadn't. So because we'd been near their cocks already, we said we'd teach them.

Matt layed on the sleeping bag and went at it, being the 'demonstrator'. Tom got his hand around George and I started masturbating Nathan. George and Nathan were flourescent under the camping light we had up, completely hairless and innocent looking. Though they were completely different masturbating, George was a heavy breather and almost grunted throughtout, whereas Nathan was a heavy breather too but made your stereotypical moaning noise.

Matt came after a few minutes, Nathan and George watched in awe while we were masturbating them. Then George followed by orgasming first, his grunts got louder and more often before he raised his stomach and kicked out a tiny amount of sperm. He lay there out of breath and looking pleased. He exclaimed 'that was great!'. Nathan then followed, he let out a high pitched moan, but no sperm followed, which was good for me as it didnt go on my hands.

They both thanked us for showing them what it was like. Me and Tom, both of which hadn't wanked yet decided to go at it and show them both while they werent wanking, they both watched in awe once again, both becoming stiff at the same time.

That was on the second night, and we did it for the next three nights also, We certainly needed our sleeping bags washing after that week!



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