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School Bathroom

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I recently found this site and I believe that some of these stories are really entertaining and turn me on. I want to share one of my high school experiences with everyone.

When I was 16 years old, I was in the 10th grade. I went to a pretty small school with only about 500 people. I remember one day on our lunch break, I had finished my lunch and I had to use the bathroom. The bathrooms were four stalls and two sinks. When you walked in, you had to open the door, and you could see the stalls. That's why the doors are closed.

As I walked in, there was a girl in the stall with her legs spread and her pants around one leg. When she heard the door, she quickly pulled her legs back and acted like she was just peeing. I immediately knew what was going on and I was slightly getting turned on by it. So I thought I would see what I could do.

I sat on the toilet, finished, washed my hands, and then I opened the door and closed it without leaving. So this girl thought that I was gone, and she continued to go back to her stance. She spread her legs back apart, and continued her business. I stood in the corner trying to be as quiet as possible. Occasionally someone would come in the bathroom and use it. She would do the same thing she did to me. I just pretended like I was texting and hiding my phones from the teacher or something.

She did the same routine. There was about three people that came in and left. But then they did not come in long enough for her to finish. I was extremely wet and I was enjoying every minute of this. Then I noticed that she was getting closer to an orgasm. She was breathing deeply and moving her feet, but at the same time trying to be quiet. Then out of nowhere she picks her feet up and shakes a bit. I heard some soft moaning and she bumped the back of the toilet and it made a clinking sound.

Then she was finished, she wiped herself and then pulled up her pants. I made it look like I was coming in as she was getting out of the stall. I recognized her as one of the cuter girls in one of my classes, but I really did not know her that well. She washed her hands and then left as I went into the stall. I pulled down my pants as soon as I could and rubbed myself off. It was a great and quick orgasm. As soon as I finished the bell rang and I went to class.

High school days were fun. I encourage you to try and find that horny person in the bathroom. It is quite a turn on if you do.



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