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I went to a large boys' school in the 1940s. Of course, at that time, sex was a taboo subject and we were as woefully ignorant of it as we were of girls. Our experience was therefore restricted to amongst ourselves. As can be expected, we wanked by ourselves and with others. I estimated that you could just about float the Queen Mary in the cum produced annually by over a thousand adolescents roaring with hormones!

We were quite promiscuous with our wanking partners. My guess is that I must have had between 25 and 30 at different times, some for a one-off affair and others more regular over the years. Age was no barrier, either (within reason); I can remember having enjoyed wanking, at different times, with four brothers whose birthdays were about 18 months apart (mine was right in the middle of their age range).

We never had any adventure beyond mutual hand-jobs and certainly no emotional attachments, kissing or anything else. Yes, there were boys whose looks were attractive, and with whom we liked to masturbate, but that was all.

Several events do stick in my mind. For example, I'd been wanking from an early age, but had never had an orgasm. One day, a class-mate who was 18 months older than me suggested we had a mutual to which I readily agreed. In a hidden corner, we were playing with each other when I saw the end of his dick was wet. I asked him whether that was cum and he replied no, but he asked me to stop and let him do himself. In a few seconds, he reached a violent climax and shot several spurts of cum, while I was still amusing myself. This was the first time I'd seen semen and it rather shocked me; indeed, it made me feel slightly queasy.

This feeling of revulsion certainly disappeared a couple of weeks later. I was lightly wanking in my bed one evening and after 10 or 15 minutes, I felt my muscles in my legs tense and I thrust my pelvis forward in a fantastically pleasant sensation. I asked myself whether this was it and I tentatively felt the tip of my cock and, yes, it was wet and slippery. I had cummed! I was now a man! The following day, I boasted this to my class-mates and about half-a-dozen of us repaired to an air-raid shelter for a demonstration of my new-found prowess, that afternoon.

Another memorable occasion was during a mutual session in a friend's bedroom. I had brought him to a climax but hadn't quite reached it myself when his father opened the door and saw my friend with his hand round my turgid organ. Ouch! I left the house double-fast but was afraid to go home in case his father phoned mine to tell him what had happened. I loitered in a wooded park as, although my erection had disappeared in a millisecond, I was still horny from the experience, so I finished myself off there, noting the pleasure and volume of sperm as being more intense than usual from a solitary wank.

Another occasion took place a couple of hours after school finished. A classmate, with whom I had never even discussed sex, and I were walking along a corridor after some extra-curricular event. Suddenly, he said to me out of the blue, 'Let's have a wank!', to which I readily agreed. We went into a bicycle shed and to the farthest end, where we were unlikely to be disturbed, and dropped our uniform shorts and underpants. We were both standing at attention and we each immediately took hold of the other's member and wanked it, no messing! I guess we both came intensely within half-a-minute, over the floor of the shed. This was so memorable because of the extreme spontaneity: from the suggestion to orgasm must have been within about three minutes! I have often wanked myself since to the memory of that occasion, which was unique with that boy (I think it may have been in my last term).

Various scout and other camps have been the occasion for much pleasure. One guy, in my class at school and in the same patrol in the scouts, was a perpetual partner, often twice a day. At one camp, we had our sleeping bags next to each other and each night we had our hands in each others bag for, er, guess what? That didn't stop us finding places to do it during the day, as well. At one camp, I had a guy in my patrol who was a bit of a loner but very good looking, to the extent that I felt quite attracted to him. After supper, one evening, he was standing around by himself, so I invited him for a walk. I think he was about two years younger than I, but the chatter got onto the inevitable and I think I may have seduced him. Anyway, we found a place where some hay had detached itself and we lay down on it, minus our shorts and underpants, of course. I was surprised to find he had a very long cock, but quite thin, for his age and he was equally surprised at mine (I was/am fairly well endowed in all dimensions), which made me think that this may have been his first experience at a mutual with an older guy. Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves even though he said that he'd been cumming for only a week or two. In retrospect, I'm really ashamed that I did have relations with him and a few other younger boys but, at the time, I did enjoy them. I don't think the age difference, in either direction, ever exceeded about two years. I don't think it was all bad, though, because I know I enjoyed wanks with older boys, as well, and I learnt a lot from them. I only hope that any activity with younger ones was always positive for them.

The school was about 80% day boys and 20% boarders. One year, I had to become a boarder as my mother had to have a serious operation and my father's war-time work took him away from home. The strange thing is that there was never any mutual masturbation in the House. Yes, we talked sex, as we thought we knew it, and I'm sure we managed our own needs, but I do not recall a single incident that was a breach of modesty between two boys. I would have thought that the very promiscuity of six ados living together in the same dormitory would have been an invitation for adventures. Maybe we subconsciously realised that it may have led into something more profound that would not have been good.

Anyway, for those who wish to know, I don't think a single one of us suffered from these natural boyhood homosexual adventures, which never exceeded wrapping our hands round each others' cocks. We never formed any sexual attachments, evidenced by our promiscuity. As far as I know, most of us progressed into marriage (the rule of the time!) and most of our marriages lasted (my Golden Wedding is next year). This does not mean that I do not, at my ripe old age, still indulge in a good wank, sometimes harking back in my mind to a few of my schoolboy mutual adventures for a dash of additional spice.



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