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Scent of My Older Sister

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just sisterly fun...hope you enjoy


It all started when I was about 11 years old and found a stash of my fathers magazines hidden in the cellar at our old house. I use to go down in the basement and look through his magazines. It was about that time that I knew that I was attracted to girls. I had a facination for this girl in my phy-ed class named Holly. She was such a cutie. After school, I would rush home, go to the basement and look at the girl in the magazine and pretend it was holly and rub myself to orgasm.

About a week later at school Holly and the rest of my classmates started laughing at me because of my hairy legs. I couldn't help that my mom wouldn't let me shave yet and went home crying. My older sister Amber, whose 4 years older than me, asked me what's wrong. I told her what happened at school and she comforted me by telling me that she would let me use one of her razors and show me how to shave.

Amber took me in the bathroom told me to take off my pants and I stood in the tub in my shirt and panties as she instructed me how to shave. My legs were nice and smooth. Then Amber told me to remove my top and explained to me how to shave my underarms.

I think it was that big sister moment that made me feel really comfortable around her. For the first time she was actually being nice to me.

By my 12th birthday, I was completely disinterested in Holly but now focused my thoughts on a girl named Amanda. Like my sister, Amanda had beautiful blue eyes, with long flowing hair and a body to die for. Amanda was 13 and on the pom pom squad at school. At night I would lay in bed and think about Amanda and get myself off.

One day, after my sister Amber finally got done in the bathroom, I went it to shower to get ready for school when I noticed Amber left her clothes in there. Her panties were sticking out under her shirt. I started the shower and then just decided to look at my sisters panties. I was surprised by how dirty they were and decided to smell them. I felt so dirty smelling my own sisters panties and they smelt great...really musky and damp. I could only think of Amanda and tried to imagine that these were hers. Suddenly the bathroom door opened up and Amber looked at me and said, 'you little pervert-what are you doing with my panties!' I felt instantly stupid and never even tried to explain as she grabbed them out of my hand and stomped away. The whole day at school all that I could think about was who is Amber going to tell. What if mom found out?

When I got home from School, Amber was on the couch and I decided to come clean about everything. The magazines in the basement, my feelings for other girls...Holly and Amanda, what I was thinking about when I smelt her panties. I was surprised that Amber understood and completely reassured me that its alot more normal than I would think. Amber then told me that masturbation is normal and that even she is attracted to other girls. It was so comforting to hear that. Then Amber said, 'Wanna go upstairs-I have something to show you?' She grabbed my hand and went in her room. She went under her mattress and pulled out a magazine and told me that she looks at them too. She also said that the only better to look at than this, would be the real thing. I agreed. Then she asked me if I would have a problem with her looking at my body while she masturbated. I was like, 'What? -you want me to get naked?' Amber reassured me that mom wouldn't come home early from work and that it would be just our secret. So nervously, I decided to give in. I began by removing my shirt and pulling down my pants. Before I could go any further she told me to wait. Then she did the same. Never before did my sister see me naked or vice-versa. We stood there in our bra and panties got on her bed and then we began rubbing our own bodies through our panties. I could see Ambers panties were getting very wet. She asked me if i'm ok with this. She undid her bra and asked me to do the same. We laid in bed facing each other. She said I was beautiful and then asked me to remove my panties. I pulled them down and she was in amazement at how much hair I had down there. I opened my legs and was really turned on looking at my sister just look at me. She slid her panties off and I squirted from the sight of it. Her thick but straight bush and meaty lips were too much for me to take. She told me to turn over and open my cheeks for her. We then got in a 69 position with me on top and brought our faces close enough to smell the others pussy. I could feel her hands on me, opening me up and seen her lips puff up even more as she did it. I didn't hold back at all. I started to rub her crotch with my nose and grind my crotch into hers. Suddenly both of us had mind blowing orgasms.

Since that time, Amber and I get together once in awhile for more fun. Its much less innocent now than it use to be. I have no guilty feels and neither does she. Its our minds, our bodies and our lives. She's on her way over right now.



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