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Say Uncle

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I spent the summer after my freshman year of college at my uncle's place. He was a cool guy; he was in his late thirties, had a pretty nice house and since he was recently divorced we had the place to ourselves and could go out whenever we wanted. I had no problems hanging with him and his friends or having him around with my buddies, that's how cool a guy he was. We'd often hang out at bars or watch baseball games together.

I started working a 2nd shift factory job until late in the evening, and would come back kind of dirty. One night I came home and he was watching TV in the living room. We chit-chatted a bit and I mentioned I needed a shower and I joked I wished I could use the shower in his master bathroom since it was the far nicer one in the house. Hearing this, he replied that he actually had no problems with my using the shower that night.

So I cleaned up in my uncle's awesome shower, and afterwards upon drying up I came out of the bathroom and into his bedroom, where he was sitting on his king-size bed. We wound up talking some more, about the Reds game, about how my new job was going and the like. After a while I had gotten myself comfortable on his bed, so when I mentioned it was probably time to call it a night he told me that I could use his bed for the night if it was alright with me. I was comfortable with my uncle and it really was a nice bed so I decided to spend the night in it.

We laid there for a while, each on our side, him facing away from me. Eventually he turned around on his other side, facing me. When he did this his hand landed on mine. I'm not sure who started it, but soon we had moved our hands so they were holding each other.

And it just kept going from there. We slowly inched closer together, our one pair of hands still holding while my other hand went up his arm and then rested on his shoulder; his other hand touched my side. Before long we had gotten so close our faces practically touched, and for a long moment we just stayed in that position, and I could feel his breath softly on my face.

Finally my uncle moved forward the last fraction of an inch closer and our lips touched. He kissed me awkwardly. I opened my eyes and he looked at me with a kind of 'Is this OK?' look. Our lips pressed each other again, and after a few more kisses, it was clear we both were enjoying what was happening and we continued kissing much more comfortably.

Soon we were sitting up on his bed, our arms around each other, kissing gently. I had never done anything like this with a guy before, and this was a completely new experience. While homosexuality never really struck me as 'gross,' it was simply never something I had ever given any real thought to. And experiencing it for the first time, with my uncle's strong arms and athletic build, and feeling the hairs of his goatee when we kissed, his masculinity made me feel like he was taking care of me- a feeling that was opposite of when I was with girls (in which I had always felt like the 'caretaker'), and this new feeling with my uncle excited me and turned me on. The feeling was only enhanced when he started gently touching my bare pecs with the back of his fingers, and he started kissing on my neck and my chest.

My uncle then slipped off his boxers, and I followed suit. There was a brief moment's hesitation of the two of us sitting naked before he grasped my dick, and I did his as well. He started stroking, and my jaw almost became unhinged. I had been with women who didn't quite know what they were doing during a handjob and mostly just yanked on my dick. My uncle, on the other hand, stroked my dick almost better than I could, and the feeling was euphoric.

I stroked his cut dick the best I could at the same time. This was of course the first time I had ever touched a man in his most private area, and the fact that it was someone I was so close and comfortable with made it much better. The precum I felt from him let me know I was doing a good job stimulating him.

The feeling became more intense and my breathing got heavier. 'I'm close,' I could hardly let out. My uncle encourage me, 'Go head, go ahead.' I let out a moan as I climaxed, and could hardly breathe as the cum gushed out of my dick, covering his hand and landing on my stomach.

'Oh yeah little buddy' my uncle moaned, pleased at causing my orgasm. But I continued stroking his dick and it wasn't long before I felt his warm cum shoot out of his dick.

There was a moment where we caught our breaths. After wiping up with a towel we laid together naked. 'Did you like it?' he asked me. I told him 'Yeah I did, it was awesome man, thank you.'

My uncle gently kissed me good night.



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