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Saw My Friend

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A little while back, I got a good friend of mine a job at my office. She comes over to my small house pretty often, and did again last Friday. We had dinner, had some wine, talked about work things, etc. While we were there, it started to snow. Since she had a couple drinks and the roads were starting to look bad after a while, she decided to just sleep over and we would make a night of it.

I went and took a shower, and when I got out she said she felt she needed one too. She didn't have any clothes with her, so I gave her my bathrobe to put on after she got out. We went to watch some TV, and after a few minutes I offered to find her something else to wear, but she declined, saying she was already feeling cozy in my robe.

Since there wasn't much else to do besides watch TV, we talked, had some laughs, told stories, shared gossip and had good time being gal pals. Since it was getting a little late, she told me she was going up to my spare room to lay down. I heard her fall onto the bed. I turned off the TV and lights and followed her up. I looked into the room and she was laying flat on her back, but I also noticed that my robe had partially fallen open, leaving her vagina out in the open.

Normally, I would have covered her back up, but I guess my hormones took over tonight. I checked to see if she was going to wake up, but she was out cold. I knelt at the foot of the bed, grabbed her legs and spread them wider. From the street light hitting the snow and coming through the window, the room almost glowed and gave me a perfect view of her slit. For a few minutes I just stayed there and stared, but after a while I knew it was begging for attention. I scooted up and gently ran my finger up and down it, gently brushing her clit and twirling her pubic hairs. It only took a few strokes before I felt some dampness, and looking closer I saw a drop running down between her cheeks. I knew she wanted it.

I went to my room, grabbed one of my vibrators and hurried back. I opened the robe all the way and gazed at her gorgeous body. Large breasts; clean, smooth skin; she was beautiful. Starting at the end, I turned the vibrator on low and rubbed it on her, starting with the bottoms of her feet and moving up her legs. Before I got to her eager vagina, I stopped and moved up. Running it on her nipples, they instantly stood up straight and hard. When I was doing this, a little moan escaped her lips, so I knew it was time. Making a trail with it down her tummy, I soon made it back to her moist clit. I took the vibrator and rolled it around between her tight slot, in and inch and back out and went back up to that little button.

By now, she was soaking wet. I could see it and I could smell it. Getting close, I rubbed my nose on her and savored her wet goodness. I could hear her breathing heavier and I felt her legs moving around. I took the vibrator again and pointed it right on her stiff clit. She started wiggling around in the bed, but I didn't let go. A few seconds later, her legs spread wide and she let out a small yelp. She came, and afterwards, was covered in goosebumps. I pulled the robe back over her, went back to my room, threw off my jammies and masturbated as hard as I could to a couple intense orgasms. Still completely drained, I covered up and fell asleep naked.

When I woke up, I pulled on my PJ pants and a shirt and went to make some coffee to help my headache. She was still asleep when I went downstairs, but I guess the smell woke her up. She came down and we greeted each other, and she asked me what happened last night. I played dumb and didn't know what she meant, but then she held up my vibrator. I guess I forgot it on the bed. I got pretty nervous because I didn't know what she was going to say, but she smiled and laughed, because at first she thought it was just a sex dream she was having. She then said she didn't mind me doing it, because she said it was wonderful. All she wanted was to repay the favor.

She took me to the couch, sat me down and I pulled off my pants. She spread my legs and started rubbing that vibrator all over my now-wet vagina, making me moan and lick my lips. I put my feet on her shoulders and she really started going to town on me, thrusting the toy in and out of my hole. She was really good, making me cum in minutes, but she didn't stop. She kept going and going, bringing me to a couple more orgasms, making me sweat and getting her blond hair stuck between my clinching toes.

After I had enough, I fell back onto the couch, catching my breath. She asked if I liked it, and I told her I did and thanked her. She giggled and we hugged each other.

When she needed to go, I gave her some sweats to wear and she headed home. Before she left though, she already said she would be back next week.



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