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Sauna Memories...

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First, let me quickly say what a fan I am of this site! Thanks for keeping it online and free!
Now to the cock pumping good experiences I've had in saunas.
The first experience I had took place 13 years ago in a locker room. Since it was around 3pm, the gym was pretty empty and having worked out, I took a shower and then decided to use the steam room. I was wearing bike shorts, which I had been working out in and had also showered in. It seemed to make sense to sweat some more in them, and then wash them And, I did also like the way they felt, tight against my body. I was alone in the steam room and started to feel kinda tired and also turned on and so thought 'what the hell, I love a good stroking session and there's no one around. . . ' and so peeled off my shorts and started to idly stroke my semi. Suddenly, the door to the steam room opened and a guy walked in and sat down. Since the steam was so thick, we couldn't really see each other but still I quickly covered myself with my towel since I really didn't want to get caught and possibly get in trouble. I was disappointed at not having the chance to enjoy a nice session and gift my cock and balls with a much needed draining and was about to leave when the fellow stood, without his towel around him anymore and I saw thru the mist that HE had a nice, sizeable semi going, himself! Well then, this was a different situation altogether and I felt an interesting mixture of excitement and fear. Like I said, the steam was quite thick and we couldn't really see one another's faces, but I knew that he knew that I could see his cock and he began to rub his body, as though he were in the shower and also his balls, every now and then running his hand the length of his cock and back. I was rock hard in no time, but didn't know what to do. I wasn't gay and so didn't want to get physical with this guy but I WAS excited by seeing his hard schlong which he knew I could see. I kept my boner hidden, carefully touching it to ease the pain of the blood pounding thru it and pre-cum was practically pouring out of me, I was THAT excited. He proceeded to give himself a few quick strokes and then, seeing that nothing was coming from me, HE LEFT! I quickly whipped out my bone and yanked it maybe 5 times and BLEW a WAD onto my face and chest, from a seated position! Not that I was trying to hit my face, but I had THAT much tension built up! When I finally exited, he was already dressed and was combing his hair in the mirror. I passed by him and sat to dry my hair and legs and 'felt' him gazing at me as I dried off and I felt a little sorry that I hadn't done something to indicate to him that we could jerk off together, but then decided that it was a good thing, small town rumors and all.
So, flash forward 5 years (no other cock stroking stories to tell in between, believe it or not) when I was out West visiting a buddy and got a day pass to use a gym in the town where he lived. I was again wearing my bike shorts - great multi purpose clothes, quick drying, etc. and after working out, decided to use the sauna. It was a cozy room and there were 7 other guys in there ranging in age from about 14 to maybe mid fifties. This being my second time using a sauna or steam room ever, I watched the protocol being defined in terms of moving around the room and also asking other if it was okay to pour water on the sauna rocks, etc. Some of the guys seemed to have a schedule of leaving to shower and cool off and then come back. I was also intrigued to see that some of the guys were wearing trunks/shorts of some sort and some were not and since it got so frickin hot and others were stripping off their shorts, I followed suit (so to speak). After awhile and maybe 3 trips to shower and cool off, the crowd thinned to maybe 4 of us and I began to bore with simply breathing to endure the heat and began to look at my neighbors. We were spread around the dimly lit, wooden walled and benched room and I noticed every now and then one of the guys would do something like get up, walk around and stretch and I couldn't help but notice their cocks. Some were bigger than others, some were sporting semi-hard ons, etc. and as I was looking at them, my own cock started to tingle. I was lying on a bench, stretched out and, remembering 5 years earlier, was determined to at least not cover up if I did get hard - which I began to. I looked across the room and saw one of the guys looking in my direction while tugging at his pole, which began quickly to lengthen. In response, my own rushed with blood and without my touching it, it began to pulse in time with my heart and began leaking pre-cum - again I was SO excited. The guy on the top bench, in complete silence, got down and stood between us and pulled blatantly on his dick and cupped his balls. I slowly began cock stroking and cupped my balls, too. The last fellow, a good deal older (60's I would guess) then seemed to wake from the drowsing he had been doing, looked up and simply said, 'Hey. . . ' and sat on the edge of his bench and began to work his instant erection. We were 4 guys stroking together in the dim lit and VERY heated environment of this sauna, the silence was DEAFENING except for the sounds of slapping meat and I couldn't believe I was finally a part of a stroking session!
I stayed lying down and looking at the guys standing and sitting opposite me both wanking while looking at each other and me. Then the one who had been seated slid onto his knees in front of the one standing and while still pulling his rod, he began to take the other guys cock into his mouth, just a little. The one standing grunted and began to stroke faster - making the rest of us also stroke faster. Finally, he spoke, whispering that he was going to cum and pulled his cock out of the kneeling guy's mouth and proceeded to pump jizz onto the kneeling guy's chest. That was all it took for me. I spurted rope after rope onto my own chest and chin and heard the other 2 guys groan as they also busted a nut.
What a time that was! I still fantasize about it to this day but have never told my wife about it. Someday, maybe.



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