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Sauna Help

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My company had rules about no falling asleep. And no mixing of males and females in showers and the sauna. I was in my early 20's and they were in their mid 30's. Both single and knock out blondes.


I have been reading here for a couple of years now. I thought I should submit something so....

This happened years ago at work. We had a gym and sauna there. So after work I would work out, then go relax in the sauna.

I had a busy hard week, so after working out I went in the sauna before taking a shower. I was the only one there. Well I fell asleep which is a no no. I woke to hearing female voices in my head. As I was waking up I opened my eyes, looking at a couple of belly buttons and my eyes drifted down to see a couple of neatly trimmed but fuzzy pussies. I looked up and saw a pair of tits hanging over me as I was scanning up to their faces. One said, 'Looks like he is waking up.' The other said, 'Looks like something else is too!'

I was woozy and was trying to sit up so they helped me. Then they said, 'We should help him into the shower.' So we went there, with me stumbling along. They threw my arms over their shoulders to help me.

I was trying to figure out who these two blondes were. I knew they had to work there to have access into there. They knew me because they were calling me by name. They were scolding me for falling asleep.

They got me into the shower and helped me stand by one standing behind me and the other in front of me. Both got bars of soap and washed me clean. The one in front started jacking me off while the other in back was washing and playing with my balls.

The one in front of me was tall enough to stand over my dick handing me the bar of soap. She said I could wash her back as she walked up with her pussy on top of my dick. She started moving her hips so her pussy was stroking the top of my dick. It felt so good as I tried to wash her back which was a feeble attempt. I was getting ready to shoot my wad as the lady behind me continued to play with my balls. She could feel me tense up and said, 'Go ahead, come for us, hon.' As soon as she said that I let her rip with me shooting several streams and my dick bouncing, hitting the pussy above it.

Well that just made them all that much more turned on. They said, 'Let's take him back to their side of the locker room.' We sat down on the cot that was there, with me in the middle of them. They had no problem getting me hard again as they both played with me. So I began to play with them and had a pussy in each hand.

I inserted my fingers into both and had them both squirming as they took turns pumping me. Well we all came about the same time. And then we played some more but I can't talk about that here. But it was one of my best workouts I ever had. We got together again weekly the rest of that summer.

Well I did find out both ladies worked in bookkeeping. I would drop by from time to time and we all would grin ear to ear. I found another better paying job but sure missed my weekly workout with those nice ladies.



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