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Unexpected Pleasure


A few years ago I was cajoled into going on a skiing holiday in Austria with some friends and relatives.

The hotel we stayed at was quite nice. The evening meals were great, just what one needed after a day bumbling around the ski slopes in the fresh air.

In the basement of the hotel there was a swimming pool, showers and a mixed sauna-something that the continental Europeans are quite relaxed about, unlike us Brits.

Anyway, I was invited by my cousin, his wife and friends to join them in the sauna after the evening meal. On arrival I was somewhat shocked to discover that you had to be naked in there (apart from a modesty towel)-unlike saunas that I'd used in the UK where you had to keep your swimwear on.

After some persuasion I stripped off my trunks and hastily grabbed a towel to cover myself before entering.

The room was hot, steamy and humid, and I had to find my way to a bench by following the voices of my friends.

Every so often the steam subsided and more water was added to the coals to recatalyse the steamy atmosphere. In the 'breaks' I noticed that it seemed that most of the men had their towels draped over their groins, thus hiding their wedding tackle, and any erections they may get whilst talking to the ladies in the sauna.

The women were divided into three groups; those totally exposed, those with a towel over their shoulders covering their breasts and with their legs crossed, and those with their towels covering their groins but happy to display their breasts.

After some minutes, my nervousness wore off and I found that I could talk to the ladies in there without staring (too much) at the breasts and pussies on display.

Unfortunately my cock decided that it liked what was being displayed by the women in the sauna and started to swell alarmingly.

Worried about embarrassing myself, I tried to reposition myself and my towel to cover my excitement, only to have my cousins wife nudge me and whisper in my ear ..... 'Having trouble?'.

I mumbled a 'perhaps' hoping she'd ignore my predicament. No such luck.

Before I knew it her small hand had wormed it's way under my towel and gripped my now rather swollen cock.

Somewhat shocked, and fearing that my cousin would notice and not be happy, I whispered to her ...... 'What the HELL are you doing?!'.

'Don't worry, he's ogling that busty blonde'.

Looking at my cousin out of the corner of my eye, I could see that his wife was correct. Perhaps sensing my slight relaxation, her hand gently squeezed my cock and began to move back and forth, stroking my cock in a very, very nice way.

'Shit' I uttered under my breath.

'You like?' she asked in a murmur. 'Oh, I can tell you do' she said as my cock hardened further under her ministrations.

'I've been waiting for a chance like this for years' she whispered.

'Why?' I stupidly asked.

'Because I've noticed you checking out my tits and arse. You like smaller, pert things don't you?' she asked in a husky voice accompioned by a hand squeeze.

I nodded, too afraid to speak at that point. I did, and do, and had fantasised about licking, kissing and suckling her small, pert breasts, and cumming over them.

Then I caught her quick look across to her husband, and seeing him still engrossed with the busty blonde, she moved the towel covering those delightful breasts from across her shoulders and laid it over her legs and groin.

'Feel free to look at them, I know you want to see them in the flesh' she said in that low, husky voice. 'Tell me what you'd do with them' she demanded.

Gulping, my mouth suddenly dry, I whispered how I'd like to gently lick and kiss them, before suckling and caressing the nipples in turn, and then wank off on them.

As I descibed my desires, her breathing got more rapid, as did her stroking of my cock.

'You really like them? ....... you really like my small tits?' she asked.

'God yes !' I hissed ....... 'Especially when your nipples get as hard as they are now'.

She glanced down and smiled. 'That's your doing' she whisperd.

'I wish I could suckle them right now' I murmured.

'And cum all over them too?' she asked.

'Yes' I gulped.

'Well, let's see what we can do' she said grinning.

With that she stroked me hard and fast with one hand, and every now and then, brushed her nipples with the other, as if wiping away some trickles of sweat.

I soon felt my balls stiffen as I was about to shoot my cum. She did too, and as I came under the towel she caught some in her hand.

When I'd stopped pulsating, she withdrew her cum covered hand, and with a smile wiped it over her perky tits.

'There now, your cum is where you've wanted it for so long' she said, before giving me a quick peck on the cheek.



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