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Satisfying Shower

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My most satisfying way to masturbate is to lay down in the bath (after I have had a relaxing foam bath with a book, then let the water out) with the shower on so that the shower is hitting my penis and testicles (it is on the wall about about 7ft up so it has quite a force by the time it gets down to where I am).

I arch my back and legs to let it get my testicles for a bit then lean forward so it is falling on the underside of my penis. I then pull my foreskin back so the head of my penis is uncovered (still soft at this stage). This is the only time I touch my penis. Then I just lay back and let my thoughts drift. My penis feels tingly but I have my eyes shut and I can feel it on me. It gets hard at some point but I don't know when because I can't see and it still feels like it is laying on me even though when I have looked it is erect. It will go erect and soft several times over and the bathroom gets more and more steamy and I feel warm and cozy and then I start to think of girls I like, sometimes I even pretend I am one of them getting off in the shower.

I think about how wet they get and about plunging my finger into them. Meanwhile the tingly feelings are getting stronger and better, my penis is soft and I imagine this is the closest comparison to how it feels to have a clitoris I can experience. Unlike normal, I feel things building not in the head of my penis but in my abdomen

I start to moan softly at this point, something I never normally do but the soft pleasure is so sensual and unlike my normal quick and dirty orgasm that it surprises and excites me. I even begin to gasp and breathe in the moist air deeply. I can feel it close now, my penis begins to occasionally twitch and there is nothing I can do even though I try to relax the muscles and prolong the sensation.

Then, finally, slowly and fantastically, I cum. Every drop of cum that dribbles out of me is exquisite joy, I still have my eyes closed and feel amazing. This feeling lasts for a good 50 seconds before I open my eyes, feeling relaxed and peaceful. It is one of the most satisfying and wholesome orgasms I can have.

Afterward I will feel happy and relaxed for hours so I often do it when I'm stressed. It is quite unlike anything else. I am now working on a hands-free orgasm out of the shower, without utilizing my muscles either, entirely mental stimulation. When I achieve it I think it will be the ultimate experience. I highly suggest you all try it, it will change your views on what masturbation is forever.

As a technical note, when I first started I had to use my hand to finish and took about 8 minutes, now I have learned to truly relax it takes about 10 minutes and is entirely hands free, apart from having to expose the underside of my penis. Those of you who are circumcised need never touch it at all. Remember it won't come if you are not relaxed, think of this as a journey and allow yourself to be carried along on the ebbs and flows, without worrying about when the destination will be reached, just enjoy the ride.

Wishes for satisfying masturbation to you all :)



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