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Satisfaction on a Train

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A once in a lifetime experience (on Virgin trains!!)


I've just got home after a three-hour train ride from London and I'm so horny it's unbelievable. I was on one of the new high speed tilting trains, in first class, (one of the perks of the job) and it was nearly empty. I had my briefcase on the table and was going through the paper work when the courier came round with coffee and sandwiches. I had a coffee and as he went off down the train I noticed a pretty girl about my age sat a bit further up the coach. She was reading a paperback and as I usually do, when I get the chance, I had a good look at her. She was unaware of my gaze as her mind was on the book. Nice breasts and a lovely face.

Now work was the least of my worries. My girl friend Jen has been away for a week and the girl filled my mind with all sorts of ideas, as I was able to see her without her knowing.

I sat back in my seat and just looked with half closed eyes thinking what I would love to do if I had the chance. I pictured myself between her legs licking at her pussy and I must admit the idea was very attractive. I know I have my girl friend but that doesn't stop me from looking and thinking. Anyway I must have dosed off for a few minutes as when I opened my eyes she had moved a bag onto her seat next to her and had one leg on the seat opposite. I could see her thigh exposed and now I was really interested. I desperately wanted to move so that I could see some more but I had to keep still so as not to attract attention.

I couldn't work out where her other hand was until I realised it was in the waistband of her skirt. As I looked I realised I could see a movement. She was playing with herself. Her hand was actually on her pussy. Though I couldn't see what she was doing I could see the movement. Very slow and positive. She was rubbing her clit. OH FUCK. My heart was thumping and I felt myself getting so aroused I needed to do the same. I didn't dare move in case she noticed me. God I needed to see more. Still with half closed eyes I moved slowly and reclined the seat. I was rewarded with a flash of white panty and I could see her fingers moving inside.

By now my slit was wet and I was conscious of my secretions as I squeezed my legs together. I wanted my own fingers inside me or better inside her. I couldn't go that far so I just lay there watching and squeezing my legs together which gave me a bit of sensation. As I had on tightish black trousers there was no room for me to get my hand inside so I just watched. I could feel myself getting wetter and slowly rubbed my thighs together but it wasn't working. I needed more contact with my clit. Carefully I lowered my zip and got my hand inside my panties. They were slippery from my juice. I managed to get some on my fingers and onto my clit. I took my hand out and crossed my legs. With gentle squeezing and a small movement of my thighs I was able to stimulate my clit but I needed more.

I wanted so much to be naked and masturbate myself and have her watch me cum. She seemed to be happy just slowly moving her fingers over her mound. Luckily for me there was nobody else in sight and I looked as if I was sleeping. Whatever she was reading must have been good as she kept her book open and periodically turned a page.

The courier came back with his trolley and her hand stayed still as he passed. I used his diversion to move myself into a better position and managed to ease my trousers a bit which gave me room to get my hand down inside. I was outside my panties and felt the slippery wetness had soaked through. Using my left hand it was not easy to touch myself where it is most sensitive but somehow I managed to get my hand inside my panties and onto my slippery lips. What I wanted to do was get them off and really go to town. My bud was crying out for attention as I took some juice on my fingers and somehow got onto the hard little lump. Oh God it felt so good. With the movement of the train and knowing what she was doing I was really aroused. I was still looking with half closed eyes at her hand moving.

The table gave her some privacy unless someone stopped and looked down at her, which is why she was able to play undisturbed. I was not really comfortable but I couldn't move without attracting attention Suddenly she stopped and slowly took her hand out. I thought she had seen me so I closed my eyes fully for a minute or so and let my fingers explore me.

I didn't think she could see me moving my hand, as the seat opposite would block her view. Slowly I allowed my eyes to open and realised with a shock her hand was up her skirt and she had pulled her panties aside. I could now see her fingers moving over her clit. Her eyes were closed and her book was on the table. At last I was able to look properly and to a degree I could play with myself without being seen. I wanted to cum so much and I didn't know how long I had before she opened her eyes. I must admit I felt very shakey and my heart was pounding away so much I thought she would hear it. I got some more juice on my fingers and allowed the slippery fluid to lube my clit as I ran my fingers over the hardness. I could feel little contractions as I touched myself. A sure sign that I'm not far off cumming.

Suddenly she moved and her other hand went below the table, pulled her skirt up out of the way and pulled her panties away completely. Oh God I had a clear view of her pussy and I could see her fingers running over her lips. I thought I was dreaming. Full daylight at 125mph in a train and I could see a girl masturbating. All the time her eyes stayed closed and I just watched her fingers taking in the sight of her lips and I could just about see her clit as she moved over her mound. Undisturbed I allowed myself the luxury of moving my fingers over my turgid clit and felt my orgasm rising. Then one, two three contractions shook me followed by about six more and I felt the juice run from me. Biting my tongue to keep from crying out as I came I was unable to control the spasms that shook my body as my climax hit.

Slowly I took my hand out and licked my fingers. The smell and taste nearly gave me another orgasm. Looking over at the girl I could see her cheeks were flushed and her fingers were moving faster. God how I wanted to lick that cunt and make her cum. I didn't need to though as next thing she pushed up off the seat and her orgasm hit. Her legs were parted wide enough for me to see her fingers inside her as she fucked herself. Through partly closed eyes I saw her straighten her skirt and lick her fingers. I felt she was looking at me but I somehow managed to do up my zip and it was all over.

I stayed feigning sleep for a good ten minutes as we stopped at Coventry. Then as the train pulled away I allowed myself to 'wake up'. Managing somehow to ignore her I had another fifteen minutes with my papers and we were in Birmingham where I had left my car.

As the train stopped she picked up her bag and coat and left the train. I followed her up the steps wishing I could see more of her as she climbed in front of me.

Just as we left the ticket barrier she turned and looked at me and with a smile she said 'pity you were wearing trousers......bye' and walked off. I called her and ran to catch her. I just had to know more. She allowed me to catch up and, heart thumping, I asked her if she wanted a coffee. Smiling she agreed and we went in silence to the bar on the concourse. I was still shaking from what I had done on the train. I was shattered to realise she had been watching me. I was trying to get my head round it all and understand what and why it happened.

We didn't speak until we were seated after which I told her my name and asked her how long she had been watching me. It seems she was playing me at my own game and she fancied the pants off me but held the book as a cover while she looked at me. Being in first class she realised that we were unlikely to be disturbed and she admitted she gets a fantastic buzz out of masturbating on the train. Even when she is alone she loves to do it. She guessed I was looking at her and it seems I was giving her a signal as I was sat with my legs parted which in body language is an invitation to look at the goods. She also said she had such a thrill when she realised I was playing with myself and decided to move her panties so I could see her pussy. She wanted us to go to her flat but that is another story.



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