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Sassy 'Cassie', With All My Luv 'Br

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'Cassie' finally showed me her story..she wrote it back in October!! (See the link on this page.)It is soooo hot, but of course, I found it hottest because I was there!!! If you like it when you read it, post a comment for us!


Hmmmm....Where do I begin? First, let me say, I appreciate all sorts of women. Young women, mature women, thin women, voluptuous women, short women, tall women, small titties, big titties, tight asses, round asses..all kinds. And I have no shortage of female companionship, if you know what I mean. So, it's not like I'm desperate, and I'm just trying to get a woman who's already attached. But 'Cassie' is different from most of my female 'friends'. (You need to go to the links at the top of this page, and read 'Cassie's' story for some background on this 'relationship' if you want to call it that.)

First of all, I have been with older women, women older than 'Cassie'. She seems to want to make an issue of the whole age thing, but I don't get it. I know she's married, she knows she's married, I get that part, too. But 'Cassie' is sooo sexy, without even trying. She flirts effortlessly, and sometimes I'm not even sure she is aware of the effect she has on men. I know a number of acquaintances, co-workers, and friends of hers who think she is very sexy, a few of us would classify her as one of the sexiest women we know (most of these guys are younger than her, one dude is only 21), but she seems not to notice this (in fact, I know this statement will surprise her). For one thing, she thinks she is 'fat'. She doesn't seem to get it that she is well-rounded, in all the right places. She's also very smart, confident, and really has an abundance of sex-appeal.

I have worked with 'Cassie' for over a year now, and let me tell you, I spend alot of my time fantasizing about her, both before, and after our encounter. When I see her around the office, bent over the filing cabinet, or something, I can't help but want to grab her tight ass cheeks, and most times, I do! She has the nicest, firm, round ass I have ever seen, and sometimes I just walk up behind her and rub my cock against her ass, Oooooooh! Her ass is so tight and firm, I have actually hurt my hand slapping it! Oftentimes when I am with one of my 'ladies', particularly if they are lacking in areas where 'Cassie' is not, I fantasize about her (especially since I have had the chance to sample her round breasts, suckable nipples, tight ass, and her exceptionally large clit, YUM!).

Our place of employment is very casual, 'Cassie' wears tank tops, and sandals in the summer, SHORT shorts, low-cut tops nearly always, the mounds of her breasts bursting out of the top of her bras and peeking out of the top of her shirts, Oh Yeah Baby! Her hair is very long and silky, (past her ass) her legs long and thin, though she is round-figured, she is NOT fat!

I love to sneak up behind her chair and wrap my arms around her, nuzzling her neck and whispering all the nasty little things I would like to do to her in her ear. Sometimes, I'll give her luscious breasts a squeeze through her shirt, occasionally slipping my hand inside for a feel. She never pushes me away, though sometimes she'll tell me to 'quit', but there's always a teasing lilt in her voice, like she HAS to tell me to quit, but she doesn't really want me to, so I don't!

The day things really heated up, had been building for a long time. It was the end of the summer, and her prancing around in the shortest of shorts, and tightest, sexiest tops had me hard most of the time I was in her presence. On a number of occasions, I would grab her ass, or caress her breasts, and need to go jack-off in the bathroom after. Something about her just got to me, still gets to me. But understand, before our encounter, I was less blatant about all this, less frequent, and she protested slightly more than she has since.

Things began to change one day when I was changing my shirt in the shop. I am six-foot-one, blond(I keep it short), tanned (year-round), and I work out. I guess I am a pretty good-looking guy, (at least my mother says so!). 'Cassie' came around the corner, and saw the mass of curly blond hair on my chest, and I swear she had a look in her eye that I could only interpret as...DELIGHT! (You can deny it, 'Cass', but I know what I saw). I grabbed her by the hand, pulled her to me, and first she gave my biceps a squeeze, then ran her hands lightly over my chest hair and tweaked my nipples! (Yeah, this thing was becoming a two-way street!) I picked her up and threw her silky, smooth legs around my waist, cupping those beautiful ass cheeks in my hands. I was in heaven as I buried my face in her neck, under her mane of sweet-smelling hair! I wanted her so bad, my cock was raging! I bounced her up and down on it a couple of times, and she shrieked in...surprise? shock? passion? I wasn't sure, so I put her down, laughing, trying to play it cool. The thought of that day, in particular, has been one of my fondest jack-off fantasies!

A week or so later, I got bold enough to reach UNDER her shorts for the first time and cup one of those lovely round ass cheeks in my hand. She grabbed my wrist and protested, but I got a good feel of her ass, even grazing her crotch through her thong!! WOW!! After, I went into the bathroom, and jacked off to a HUGE orgasm, wishing sooo bad that I could share it with her. I just wasn't sure if she would ever go that far with me.

I'm not going to go into detail about our encounter that fateful day, she told that one well (see the link at the top of the page), I just wanted her to have something lasting to read, (over and over again if you want, sweetie) that will let her know how sexy and alluring men find her. (This way you can read and re-read it on the 'net, and not worry about your husband finding a 'love' letter) And I wanted to let her know that although she and I only masturbated together that one time, I have masturbated to images of her many, many times, and probably will for a long time to 'cum'.

Sorry, to the people who commented on the story of our last encounter, I have not had the pleasure of repeating it (though I would in a heart-beat, even if it led to nothing more than that, believe it 'Cassie'). 'Cassie' has made no mention of the whole thing, until she showed me this website, (and her story), aside from sharing this with me she has become no bolder that she was before, although I have. She pretends that our 'relationship' is exactly as it was before our 'playday', that's what makes her so sexy, I think. If she had become another one of my (many) conquests, I'm sure I would have lost respect for her, and my interest along with it. By pretending nothing happened, she has kept me interested, infatuated, even. I can't get enough of the sight of her!

I think 'Cassie's' husband must be the luckiest man alive, but I count myself up there as well, because I get to see her everyday, to admire her gorgeous body, her beautiful mind, and her engaging spirit. I love you, 'Cassie', and I hope you see yourself as others see you when you read this! You are an extremely sexy young woman, and if someone my age finds you worthy of fantasy, enough to masturbate to the thought of you, you can allow yourself to believe it is true.

There is so much more I want to say, but right now, I want to go to bed and jack-off to a pleasant fantasy about this woman, which I may get to fulfill at work tomorrow!?!?

*Inside Joke* 'Cassie', it's '7up' to you.

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful! Luv 'Brad'



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