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Sarah's House

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Here's a few of my favourite memories from when I was dating this girl called Sarah back when I was 18....

A bit of background....Sarah was 17 when we first met, and we got together through a mutual friend when we were out in town one night. Sarah was still at school, and lived with her parents and I was at college.

We'd been together a couple of months, and things were moving along quite slowly (now that I look back) and we hadn't done much other than kissing-I had felt her pert breasts through her top, but nothing more serious than that. As time moved on, I got more and more adventurous, and she did not seem to discourage it-so everything was great! One night we were at her house, just making out on her bed and after playing with her breasts I slowly slid my hand down her jeans and started playing with her. I could not believe it-she was absolutely soaked! I honestly thought that she had wet herself-literally her thighs were drenched (I later found out that she had never had sex with anyone before, so all this was new to her!). So this is how things went on for a few weeks, I'd go to her house or she'd come to mine-and we'd make out and I'd play with her-I don't ever think she came, but I think she was enjoying it all the same. Every night when we did this, I would be solid as a rock but most of the time wouldn't do anything about it, even when I got home as I thought it would be wrong to get myself off whilst thinking about the girl that I loved so much! (funny how things change as you get older)

So anyway...

One night we were on her bed at her parents place, and her parents were downstairs watching TV. We were making out as normal, and I was playing with her. We'd been going for it for a while, when she said to me (and I remember this like it was yesterday!) 'I think it's about time that I returned the favour'-I couldn't believe it, and I took a moment to realise what she was talking about. I was thinking-I'm having a great time already-there is no favour to repay! Anyway, she undid my jeans and took my cock out of my shorts-her hands felt like silk as they rubbed up and down, honestly I was in heaven!! I carried on playing with her, as she steadily stroked my shaft. After a while (possibly not that long) I remember saying to her 'I think that you'd better stop that otherwise it's going to be messy' to which she replied 'no problem', or 'don't worry about' it and carried on. I was actually pretty nervous at this point as I'd never had a girl do this to me before and didn't know how to handle cuming without having sex. Anyway-we carried on, her stroking my cock and me playing with her. I could feel the orgasm building within me and I tried to control my breathing, but after a few more strokes I couldn't handle it anymore and shot my load all over her duvet cover. We stayed there kissing for a few minutes, and then I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I nearly fell over when I stood up, and I remember saying 'that was fantastic-and you were the first person to ever do that to me!'.

When I got back to her room, she just turned the duvet over and we carried on watching TV!

I hope you enjoyed the story, as much I enjoyed that night at Sarah's house!




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