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This is another memory recalled while reading the stories of others. Sarah and I knew each other from early childhood, but never had any sexual encounter before this.


It was a warm June day, and I was sitting under a tree beside a little stream daydreaming between efforts to read, when Sarah strolled by. When she saw me, she sat down beside me, and began a conversation. We weren't talking long before I realized that I could see her apple sized tits through her thin white blouse and began to get very horny. She noticed that I was squirming, red-faced, and had begun to breathe deeply.

'What's wrong?' she asked. 'Nothing,' I replied. 'Why are you so red faced?' By then my 14-year-old dick was rock hard bulging like a tent pole in my shorts. She seemed to realize that I was reacting sexually to her presence, and asked, 'You're horny, aren't you?' 'Yes.' I replied. 'Did I do that?' 'Yes.' I replied. 'Why?' she said. 'Because I can see your tits through your blouse.'

She said 'Let's go to my house; no one's home.' So off we went; two nervous 14-year-olds. When we got inside, we went to her room and began to kiss. This was the first time we had kissed one another. By the second kiss, she opened her mouth, and we were sucking on each other's tongues. I began to fondle her beautiful globes, and she began to grind her pussy against my raging hard penis. Soon I had her blouse off, and was staring for the first time at a pair of real live tits. They weren't large, about the size of apples, and had button size nipples surrounded by light pink areolas. Her nipples were hard as rocks jutting out like spikes. I began to suck them in between kisses. Meanwhile, she had reached under the leg of my shorts, and was rubbing my dick through my briefs. Both of us by then were sweating. During a break in our play, she asked if she could see my dick. I didn't have to be asked twice, soon had my shorts and briefs off, and she saw my raging six inch hard pointing straight out from my body. She stared at it, took it in her hand, and said, 'My it's hard and red.'

It was also oozing clear precum. While she was playing with my pecker, I got her out of her shorts and panties, so now I had my first view of a horny 14-year-old nude girl. The sight was gorgeous. She had light reddish hair both on her head and vulva. Her lower bush was rather thin, and I had no trouble seeing her little slit. She was thin with a flat belly, narrow waist, and broad hips with a very inspiring behind. She asked if I jerked off. I was surprised that she knew the term, and asked, 'Where did you hear that?'

She replied that she had three brothers, and knew that boys jerked off. I admitted that I did; then I asked her if she jerked off. She said that girl's masturbation was called jilling, and that she did it about twice a day. So I asked her to show me how she did it. She agreed provided I jerked off for her. I began to slowly stroke my dick with my fist wrapped around it while she began to flick her now protruding clit explaining that she treated her clit like a boy treated his penis. It didn't take long for me to have the greatest orgasm I had ever had. The first rope hit me in the face because we were sitting beside each other on her bed. When she saw me orgasm, she soon had hers. She exclaimed with surprise at the amount of come I produced, asking if I always shot such a large load. I gave her the explanation she asked for. After we calmed down, we each had a lot of questions for the other, such as when did you start, is this the first time you did it with another, what's the most times you did it, do all boys/girls do it, etc.? In time, things got better. We became steady lovers. Maybe I'll tell more.



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