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Sans Pubic Hair

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My friend Rita told me about her husband and her shaving one anothers pubic hair and how sensual it is. When I mentioned it to my boyfriend he was all for it. Well............


It's been going on now for almost a year and all I can say is WOW! First of all we observe each others bodies in the most intimate way possible. In ways that would normally be unbareably humiliating. We started by shaving each other in the bathroom, then the bedroom and now we always do it with one of us laying on the kitchen table. We put a quilt over the table and plastic under each others butts. We do it to each other once a week and it always turns into masturbating each other. We always plan the night we do it and have a wonderful time with each other. He always wants to shave me first and he has a continous erection as he does it. As soon as he starts applying the shaving cream I get wet. Just the feeling of his touch and the smoothness of my skin is almost enough for me to orgasm. He always does it slowly and carefully and has my legs spread as far apart as possible with my kness bent up. I do admit the first few times were rather embarrassing. Once he cleans off the shaving cream he starts by fingering me using both hands. We always keeps some of my sex toys handy and he not only penetrates my vagina but also titilates me by touching my anus. I never know and he never tells me how he is going to satisfy me. Sometimes he will only use his hands and fingers but other times he will penetrate me with one of the dildos or the vibrator. He knows I enjoy the vibrator in my rectum as he uses either his fingers or a dildo in my vagina. Unlike my boyfriend I react with sounds when I orgasm and he is constantly saying shhhhh, fearing his neighbor will hear me. I am so turned on I can't help it.

When it's his turn I still get aroused even though I had just orgasmed several times. His erection by now is as hard as a rock and I love rubbing the shaving cream all around his pubic area and apply it to his scrotum and penis. I also apply it all up the crack of his butt where he also has hair. His scrotum is the hardest part to shave and I am very cautious when doing it. I have never seen a grown man like I see my boyfriend. He lays there spread eagle with his knees bent up revealing every private part of his body. He did tell me it was humiliating the first couple of times for him, especially when I shaved all around his anus and his crack. I felt the same way but now enjoy every aspect of it, since he does the same to me. Once I clean him up and wash him off I use skin lotion to masturbate him and over time he has allowed me to insert the vibrator in his rectum. At first I only touched his anus with it but now he likes me to insert it in a few inches. When I do that the amount of cum he produces is amazing most of the time. Once we finish masturbating each other we get a shower together but only wash each other. We have a drink or coffee and maybe something to eat and stay naked the entire time. Then to the bedroom where we watch tv for a short time and begin playing with each other again. It tuns into a night of lovemaking and it all starts with shaving and masturbation.

I told Rita my boyfriend and I do it and thanked her for telling me about it, at least a dozen times. It sounds kinky I know but once over the humiliation of it there is nothing more intimate, and as Rita said, sensual. Only one other person has ever seen me in such a position but that was my gyno doctor, who is a woman. My boyfriend always tells me how much he likes looking at me like that but I also like seeing him in such a vulnerable position also. Try it, it's fun, you'll see each other like never before and be satisfied like never before.



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