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Sandrine, Valerie and I

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I shared some of my stories of Sandrine and myself. Since then, we left time passed and seen if our relationship will evolve from friendship to lovers. I am glad that we have become very close now and I even moved with her... She is so awesome and taught me so much about sex. Although, Sandrine kept teasing me about my wardrobe. I never paid too much attention to how my clothes look and I prefer them comfortable, such as joggers, leggings, T-shirts or jackets. I have never been a skirt woman (rarely anyway). Compared to hers, she owned many skirts, robes or nice looking blouses.

So, one afternoon, she convinced me to go to a store where one of her friends works. Once there, I could see that Sandrine was a regular here. They had a nice assortment of women's clothing, soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye. That's when a woman approached us with a smile and instantly chatted with Sandrine. Her name was Valerie. She seemed to be in her late 20s, a bit shorter than me and with a beautiful slim body. She was dressed in a black dress that made wonders of her curves. Sandrine said "Valerie, this is Tania, and I am afraid we need to help this girl with her clothing". Valerie could not hold a chuckle and then grinned at me.

After some browsing, I was intrigued by one of these outfits that looks like from the 80s. It was a pair of white leggings, back skirt and matching top. All three of us proceeded to the changing room. I took off my grey jog pants and shirt, I was left in my bra and panties. That's when Valerie added "Indeed, it's a shame to hide that body under baggy stuff". This just made me blush a little and I could see Sandrine was looking at me with that smile of hers. I then started to grab the new garment but Valerie was quicker and already had the leggings in her hands.

She knelt in front of me and offered me to slip a leg in it. This is when things took a turn I did not expect. She started to roll the leggings up my leg. I could see she was taking her time all the way up to my crotch. Her touch was soft and delicate against my skin. It was no coincidence she slowed down at my crotch and let the tip of her fingers brush against my panties. I could already feel warmth building up between my legs. Then came the skirt and her hands on my butt while saying "This fits nice and gives you a lovely looking behind". Sandrine was just standing there and smiling. Valerie came behind me with the top, she slipped it over my arms and brought it down over my body. She was seeming to brush off imaginary fuzzies from the top and her hands and made several passes over my breasts. I could see she was trying not to make it obvious but it was sure making my nipples erect inside my bra.

Here I was, in this new outfit. It was indeed very flattering to my body and I loved it. I started to spin, which made my skirt fly up. I could not believe I saw in the mirror while I was spinning, a wet spot that had built up over the crotch of the leggings. I was rather embarassed to show my arousal in such an obvious way. That's when Sandrine made that comment "I thing Tania loves that outfit very much" and Valerie nodded and gave me that little grin. Valerie simply came behind me and lifted the skirt, revealing my wetness. She was sure not shy and just brought one of her hands over my crotch and started to rub the wet spot. Her fingers were pressing on my slit over the leggings and my panties. I could hear the slurpy sound of my juice.

This is when Sandrine moved from her corner and faced me. She started to kiss me (I SO love her tongue in my mouth) and fondled my breasts over the fabric of the new top. It was not long before I found myself laying down on the carpet, having Valerie gently tugging at the leggings and my panties, exposing me to her. She did something Sandrine had never done to me (or anyone for that matter), bringing her face down between my legs and started licking my clit with the tip of her tongue. This was such a new sensation and almost brought me over the edge.

Meanwhile, Sandrine knelt next to me and rolled the top and my bra up, revealing my breasts to her. She took one nipple in her mouth and pinched the other with her fingers. Here I was, my skirt flapped over my hips and my top up under the fingers and tongues of two sexy women. I can assure you that it was one of the biggest orgasms of my life. I literally exploded onto Valerie's face, that made her lick my juice off her lips. It took a few minutes for me to recover from that orgasm. I looked at Sandrine and gave her a little grin. She knew what I wanted and we ended up giving a good time to Valerie as well. At the end... I sure bought that outfit.



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