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Sandra and Sonia

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I'm thirty-eight years old and work for a large law firm in a major U.S. city. Last Summer I was very much involved in volunteering at a major fund-raising activity involving a number of large law firms. I was teamed with four other female volunteers to work on a specific task at the event. We all worked well together and I particularly enjoyed working with one woman who was also a lawyer and about my age. She was very pleasant, had a nice smile and shared common interests with me. She was also quite attractive.

At the completion of the event Sonia asked me if I would like to stop at a near-by hotel for an end-of-event drink. I immediately said yes and we headed over to the hotel. As we talked Sonia would frequently touch me lightly on the hand or my arm and once on top of my thigh. I liked it when she did this and I found myself doing the same to her. Sonia said that she had things she had to do right now and would I like to get together soon and have another drink or two and chat. She is divorced and my husband works lots of nights. I suggested Friday night and that's when we met again.

Sonia was dressed very nicely and I could just barely make out the little bumps in her blouse which told me she was not wearing a bra. She looked really sexy and I noticed more than one man check her out as we sat at a small table. We got to know each other even better as we talked and I noticed Sonia touched me even more. I really don't know exactly how it happened but at some point we found ourselves briefly holding hands under the table. My heart was pounding and I was getting quite excited.

Sonia said to me.'I hope I don't upset you but I would love to kiss you.' When I heard that I instantly felt that bolt of electricity like feeling shoot through my lower body. I most definitely wanted to kiss her as I had never kissed a woman in my life. We left the bar and took the elevator to the third floor. The hallway was empty and we just stood outside the elevator and kissed. First, just lightly and then quite a bit more passionately. My mind was now filled with a wealth of mixed emotions. I had a real hard time accepting the fact that here I was kissing a woman. I even said to myself, 'this is nuts!' My head told me to end it right now before it's too late. At that same moment Sonia put her hands on the sides of my breasts. Oh wow! I shivered as I felt her palms on my breasts. I actually felt as though I was going to pee myself right then and there.

I reached forward and cupped her breasts in my hands. There was no turning back now and I didn't care. I just wanted her to feel me all over and I wanted to feel her all over. Sonia then took her hands away from me and suggested we go to her house which she said was quite close. We left immediately. Inside the house we at once proceeded to her bedroom which held a huge king-sized bed. As fast as we could both of us removed our clothing down to bra and panties. Actually I was the one wearing a bra, Sonia had on just a pair of thong panties. For a woman of about forty I was amazed at her figure. I thought I had a good figure until I looked at her in the semi darkness of her bedroom. Her breasts looked very firm and her nipples pointed out at me. Her tummy had very little fat with a huge 'inney' belly button.

I was now aroused as much as I thought one could get. I was wrong. I removed my lacy bra and let her look at my erect nipples. Sonia commented on how dark they were and then rubbed the ends of them and I could feel the sensation from my nipples down to my vagina. I should tell you readers that right now I am making myself excited just thinking about this experience and writing it down. I am actually wet.

She then cupped my pussy (pussy sounds more erotic) and just held it in her hand. Sonia told me I was quite wet. We both then got into her bed and under the top sheet. We kissed, we played with each others breasts and kissed some more in other places besides our mouths. Sonia started to pull down her panties and I then did the same. Her pussy was completely shaved and looked soooo inviting. I knew at that moment that I would shave mine.

We took turns fingering each others pussies and then gently rubbing the inside and on and around our clits. I was never so aroused in my entire life as I was that moment. I have never had anyone, including my husband arouse my clit so much. I could hear these squishy noises and I knew it was pussy fluid from both of us. I can almost smell that stuff even now. I can feel its gooey texture on my hands. I don't like the taste at all. I came first as Sonia kept rubbing my clit with one hand and fingering me with the other. Sonia even kissed my rear all over and put a finger into my anus. Another first!

I then made Sonia cum and that's when I tasted her cum on my fingers and actually swallowed it. I have to tell you honestly that this was the best love-making session I have ever experienced. I have never had such a powerful orgasm as I had that night. Sonia and I will continue to make love to each other until one of us decides to stop it and I doubt that it will be me. I don't know if it will be just Sonia or possibly others. I won't seek other women out but if I meet someone who interests me I will be the aggressor. In my line of work the possibilities are great.



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