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Same Interest Cont.

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Same Interest


It was the summer of 1972. My friend Durand an I were 2 hot, horny, 12-year-old guys just discovering the female gender. We both had a strong desire to masturbate. Especially on lady's shiny black patent leather shoes, purses or anything for that matter that was soft & shiny. We'd look at nudie magazines as we'd jack together with these. Now, neither of us was gay, far from it!
One morning we were sitting on the soft shiny vinyl couch, trying to conceal our boners. Durand's mum was a tall dark haired sexy woman with legs to die for. I could not keep my eyes off of her as she fixed breakfast. After we ate, she told us that she was going into the shower and to get ready to go to the mall with her. When she left the room, I asked Durand If we could sneak into her closet and have some shoe fun. We had masturbated on her shoes many times in the past. 'No, we might get caught! I've got a better idea,' he said as he headed out the utility room door into the garage. He opened the front door to the Pontiac station wagon, pulled out a small jar of vaseline from his pocket, unzipped and started to lube his hard cock. 'Here's some for you,' he said, as he handed me the vaseline jar. 'We gotta hurry up now, so we don't get caught!' He dove into the front seat and stuck his lubed meat in between the seat and arm rest. I opened the back door, lubed up and started to hump on the corner of the shiny seat. We humped like crazy, trying not to make too much noise. It was just a few seconds before we blew our loads! Then we heard the clicking of heels in the utility room. We quickly zipped up and wiped our mess up with our shirt tails as we quietly shut the doors. His mum opened the door dressed to the hilt in shiny black patent heels and skirt and said, 'Are you boys ready to go?' Yea, but we gotta pee first. Durand & I raced to the toilet trying to conceal our stained shirt tails. Whew, that was a close one he said as we cleaned up and took turns peeing. 'Did you get a load of mum's heels?' he said. I said, 'yea! can't wait to do them again!' Durand cracked a smile as we headed for the station wagon. He got in the front seat and as I got in the back seat, there was his kid 11-year-old sister Darrah sitting down with her legs crossed. She was wearing a cute pleated skirt and shiny black patent mary janes. I started to get hard again, staring at the mary janes. 'Now Boys, I want you to look after Darrah while I shop. I said, 'No Problem Mrs D.' as Darrah giggled. Oh Shh... I thought as I saw the vaseline jar that I had forgotten on the back floor board! I quickly kicked it under the seat as I made small talk with Darrah.
We all got out at the mall and his mum told us to be back at the fountain by 12 noon. I asked Darrah, if she liked boys. She replied, 'well sorta' as her shiny shoes clicked on the tile floor. Durand & I were checking out all of the sexy women, young & old! We both were trying to hide our boners with one hands in our pockets. He whispered to me, 'well, I guess we won't get to check out the lady's shoe stores with my kid sister tagging along.' 'I think she likes you' I felt weak in the knees and replied, 'She's very cute!' Darrah said, 'I heard that!' 'If you two try to lose me, I will tell mum!' I held Darrah's hand and we went to the arcade. We played some pinball and talked some more. Darrah said, 'I used to think boys had cooties, but now I like them, Especially you Bob! She gave me a peck on the cheek! I was floored. I hugged her as she rubbed her shiny shoe on my ankle. I quickly rushed to the boys room for a quick wank. Durand followed me. He got in the next stall next to me and said, 'Now you owe me one!' He said,'I like your sister Lucy too!' as I heard him grunt out his load. We returned to the arcade, played some more games and then we all met his mum at the fountain.
When we returned to his house, my sister was waiting there for us. She was wearing shiny black patent flats. Durand cracked a wink at her and we all went off to ride bikes together. Durand and my sister Lucy hit it off. That weekend we had a slumber party with several of the neighborhood kids. Durand's mother made popcorn and we played Monopoly and watched TV. At bed time, the girls went to their room and the guys to ours for bed. Later that night, Durand & I snuck into the girl's room quietly. We swiped Lucy's & Darrah's shoes & socks, went quietly into the downstairs bathroom and had a great jack with them! It was hard to be quiet, but our peters all lubed with soap sandwiched between the girl's shoes after sniffing and licking their shoes & socks of the girls we were so hot for made us shoot gobs into the toilet. We quietly cleaned them up, snuck them back and went to our room for a contented sleep. We never had sex with each other's sisters or touched them in a sexual way, but it was a great jacking summer for us guys!



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