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Salt. Unlike Anything You've Felt

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Ok, now this might sound a little painful, but just follow me here. I guess some of you might have heard of this thing called a 'sandy melvin.' It's where a couple has sex on the beach, and half way through, the guy sticks his now sticky cock in the sand, and they resume intercourse. Like most, I was kind of horrified at the prospect of this at first. But I soon became curious. As I searched for more info on this, I discovered that doing the same thing, or getting a blow job, while your cock is covered in salt is called a 'margarita glass.'

Now, for a while I've been looking for a way to physically increase the pleasure of masturbation. Most techniques really rely more on mental stimulation than physical.

So I tried it out. One night, when I was feeling particularly dirty, I looked up a good erotic story and grabbed the salt shaker.

This is definitely not a technique for the timid. If you are into masochism, you will love this. For everyone else, you'll just have to try it out. I'm not particularly into pain, but I find this quite pleasurable.

Go ahead and lube up and get started. I don't know how other lubricants will react to salt, as I use my own spit. Saliva is fairly runny compared to most lubes, so I would recommend it for this particular technique. If you are lubed up too well, you won't feel the salt.

The amount you use will vary depending on how much grit you like. Personally, I find that a light sprinkling about the size of a quarter in diameter is perfect. Just sprinkle it on your palm, and kind of half way close your hand to make sure it all sticks and doesn't fall away. Then just touch it to your cock. I like to apply half of it to the backside of my cock just below the head, and the rest to the tip of my cock.

Now, the first couple of strokes are going to be rough. You just have to go slow and let it get spread out and worked in a little. Once you feel comfortable with it, start jacking. If you want to feel more grit, go full speed a little sooner. If you find that it's just a little too rough, just spit a very small amount into your hand and continue. It will minimize, but not neutralize, the grit.

If you are into edging, as I am, you will probably have to reapply the salt on occasion. Pre-cum completely dissolves it. If you half-orgasm and leak a little more than the normal amount of pre-cum, the salt will just disappear instantly. You may also find that the salt is collecting at the base of your cock and on the edges of your fingers. This will happen after a couple of minutes. Just smear it back on if it becomes a problem.

Trust me on this. It's not outright painful. And don't worry, you will not be left scratched up or bruised. It's sort of like when you unplug an electronic device that can't be completely turned off, and you accidentally touch the prongs. It's a shock, and you jerk away from it, but it can't be described as pain. This is the same deal, only much safer. It provides an amazing, and very unique, sensation. However, I'd advise against using it all the time. This technique is much better used when you are just feeling really dirty and want to try a different feeling.

Happy jacking :D



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