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Sally- More Than Just a Friend

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True story

I have a good friend. We have known each other since our teenage years. We have shared confidences with each other and know about each other's personal lives. Sally is a nurse and works at a hospital. She is a very cute girl, has a great build and a bubbly personality.

One day after work she came by my apartment to visit. After normal chit chat she casually mentioned that she had been having trouble with her knee and that she had scheduled an appointment to have it checked out. She said she thought she had a cyst behind her knee but wondered if that was the only cause of her pain.

Because of my medical background, she asked if I would check it and give her my opinion. Since she had just come from the hospital she still had on her scrubs. She came over to where I was sitting and stood in front of me so that I could feel her knee. I felt a definite soft moveable lump and told her that it could be a cyst. I moved my hand further up her leg to see if there were any other abnormalities. In our teenage years we had fooled around a bit but nothing seriously sexual, so my touching her thighs did not cause much concern for either of us.

As I moved my hand up to her inner thighs she looked at me as if to ask what I was doing but she smiled and moved her legs a little farther apart giving me her OK to proceed. By now I had finished my 'exam' and we were into 'friend' territory. I gently ran my fingers up and down her inner thigh and across her firm round butt. She turned facing me, (I was still sitting), and she put her arms around my head and shoulders. This allowed me to use both hands to caress her. I moved my finger tips up and down her legs and I concentrated on her inner thighs. My fingers lightly moved over her firm ass, around her cheeks and down to where the ass meets the legs.

Sally told me how nice it feels and that I was making her wet. At this point she untied the draw string on her scrubs and let them drop to the floor and kicked off her shoes. She stood there in her light blue Victoria Secret panties. She was beautiful. Again she put her arms around me and pulled herself closer to me.

Now I was able to resume my fondling. Her skin felt smooth. I let my fingers gently move over her lower back, butt and thighs. Sally spread her legs again, as if it was an invitation for me to explore even further. My fingers moved over her puffy labia that were encased by a very wet pair of panties. My fingers explored her then I cupped her wet swollen labia with my whole hand. I move my fingers back and forth. Sally pushed herself more tightly against my hand and pulled me closer to her with her arms.

As I continued to massage her vulva it didn't take long to find her enlarged clitoris. My fingers concentrated on this erect nubbin, massaging it from side to side and forward and back. I could feel her labia swelling more and her panties were soaking wet. Her female lubrication allowed my fingers to move swiftly and smoothly between her legs.

Sally was making soft moans, moving her body noticeably faster against my fingers and she was holding me tighter around my neck. I had one hand caressing between her legs and the other one on her cute little ass.

As she got more aroused I heard her breathing get faster and since my head was being held against her chest I could feel her heart beating faster. I could also feel a little sweat on her stomach against my cheek. I felt her clit get harder and it made an easy target for my fingers as I concentrated on giving her the most pleasure and she moved her body to ensure the most contact and pressure.

Soon she let out a deep moan and her body tensed. I could feel the pulsating wave of contractions that went through her labia and clitoris. I felt her butt cheeks contract rhythmically against my hand as her orgasms moved through her. I could feel the contractions in her stomach muscles against my face. As she pulled me closer to her I was able to feel how her whole body responded to her orgasm. At the peak of each orgasm she would push her body against me and her clit firmly against my hand, then she would relax a little until the next orgasm thundered through her body. She seemed to tense and relax, tense and relax as orgasm after orgasm moved through her. I felt her thighs close against my hand in an unconscious attempt to keep my fingers in place, as she rocked her clit and vulva against my fingers. She needn't have had to worry as I only wanted my fingers to stay in her warm wet place and continue to give her pleasure. I moved my fingers against her clit with a lighter touch now and I felt Sally slowly come down from her orgasmic high. Her breathing was approaching normal but her heart was still beating rapidly. She continued to have progressively lighter orgasms for a while. Then she relaxed her arms around my neck and sat in my lap, totally exhausted from the pleasure.

Naturally this changed our relationship from just being good friends to being really good close friends. But that's another story.



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