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Sally and I

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Sally was my friend Jeff's younger sister. She would often bug us when I was at his house playing console games. She often wanted to join in, but they were two-player games and she would end up sitting watching. One summers day when both his parents were at work, Jeff and I were sitting on the floor playing a game as usual when Sally came in to watch. She sat cross-legged beside Jeff and from where I sat I could see up her denim skirt and her little yellow panties. This became a distraction to me as I couldn't concentrate on the game and started to get a boner in my shorts. Sally moved around a little and I could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips through the thin material. The house phone rang and Jeff's mother had left her purse at home. She asked if he could jump on his bicycle and ride into town with it, as she needed it. Jeff said he would be about an hour and left.

Sally continued Jeff's game, but being inexperienced she soon lost. It was then she turned to me and said 'Are you looking up my skirt at my panties'? I was a little taken aback and wasn't sure how to answer. At that point she lifted her knees up, opened her legs and said 'Here, take a better look'. I couldn't not look and stared at her panty crotch. The boner in my shorts was becoming more prominent by now and I think she noticed. Suddenly Sally jumped up, pushed me onto my back and sat astride me. She began asking if I liked her, and if she was attractive. I kinda thought maybe she had a little crush on me, or something. By now Sally was sat astride my hard cock and with her hands on my shoulders began to grind her pelvis against mine.

We were basically dry humping now and I kinda got lost in the moment. I grabbed her hips as we continued grinding against each other. We both were quiet now with a kind of serious look on our faces. Just a little panting as we continued to grind. I slid my hands under Sally skirt and lifted it so I could see the thin material of her panties and my shorts seperating the flesh between us. A small damp spot grew an Sally's panties as I thrust up towards her and she ground down onto me. She closed her eyes as she concentrated on rubbing her panty-clad pussy along my hard cock. I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm building but Sally beat me to it. Throwing her head back and squeezing her knees into my sides she began to shudder as her orgasm overtook her. Her panties were visibly wet along with the front of my shorts as she hung her head down and looked at me with a wry grin.

Pulling her skirt up above her hips, she shuffled back onto my calves so her wet-pantied pussy and my still hard cock beneath my shorts were exposed. She grabbed my cock through the material of my shorts and began to stroke it up and down. Being so close to cumming already it was only a minute or two before I started pumping my juice inside my shorts. Sally continued rubbing until I was spent. We both looked at each other and things between us changed from that moment. During subsequent visits to Jeff's house we would often find ourselves alone for a short while, and we often masturbated each other. Sally would wait until I went to the bathroom and sneak out of her room and follow me in. Within seconds she would have my shorts down and furiously stroking my cock to orgasm. Or I would have my hand down her panties fingering and stroking her clit to orgasm as she stood against the bathroom wall. Eventually Sally got a boyfriend of her own and we stopped our secret masturbation sessions.



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