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Sadness & Joy

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The sadness of having no real alternative to jacking off is offset by the pleasure and joy experienced with orgasm.


I have been jacking off for about 60 years. I have been and often still am saddened by not having someone interested in sharing the pleasures available to me.
When I am reading the many beautiful stories here and elsewhere, particularly those accompanied by photographs, and I jack off vicariously sharing the pleasure of others. My pleasure can be very intense.
I have had the very wonderful sensation of different women's mouths, cunts and anuses and have found that if the woman takes the too common married woman's 'duty' attitude the pleasure is reduced substantially. On the other hand (pun intended), if I share a sexual experience with a woman who shares my enthusiasm, the pleasure is measurably heightened and considerably more durable or lasting.
An example was an occasion shared with a coworker with whom I often exchanged sexual innuendos.
On an occasion when we were working late together, she said she was feeling considerable tension. I, being not overly perceptive, asked her if she would like me to rub her shoulders and neck.
Her reply was to ask if that was all I wanted, to rub. My intellectual light bulb came on and I told her that I would be very happy to give her an entire body message but not with her clothes on.
Our workplace was pretty isolated and so she told me that if she did allow me to give her such a message there would be no penetration since she didn't want to have to lie to her husband. I agreed and she started taking her clothes off, slowly. My erection grew considerably faster than her disrobing. After getting down to her panties and bra she looked at me and said the condition of dress had to be equal.
Who was I to quibble?
When we were both naked, admiring what each of us saw and interestingly both of us in an obvious state of arousal. (Her public hair was noticeably damp as were her panties.) We decided to begin the massage.
Being a somewhat honorable fellow, I started on her neck and shoulders and she began reaching back and playing with my balls.
It took considerable willpower for me not to take her instantly. As it turned out she made the comment that she had not been merely making conversation when she told me that the tension was substantial and told me to put my hand on her pussy.
It was very wet and accidentally my two fingers slipped into that most wonderful opening. I apologized and slowly withdrew my fingers.
She said when she conditionally prohibited penetration, the cock was the only prohibition intended. Not that she didn't want me to fuck her but she felt she could deal with her husband more efficiently if she could honestly tell him that she had not fucked another man.
She asked me if we could just jack each other off.
She took my cock in one hand and my balls in the other and obviously enjoyed playing with them. She said so several times, with enthusiasm.
I could not hold it. I warned her I was cumming and she should aim my cock away from her as I often shot my load a couple of feet or so. She did as I suggested and my cum landed on a counter top immediately adjacent to us. She continued fondling my cock and balls until it got too sensitive and then asked me to ease her tension.
I fondled, licked and kissed her titties and cunt slowly until she also lost control and really went into a beautiful orgasm of some duration.
We didn't kiss or linger for too long after that before we cleaned up, got dressed and thanked each other for a very enjoyable evening.
I still jack off remembering the warmth and tender mutual appreciation we shared.



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