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Running Partner for Life

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How we became more than just running mates, but mates for life.


Running Partners for Life

For as long as I can remember, Sarah and I have had a passion for running. All through high school, we ran cross-country, indoor and outdoor track and ran 5K and 10K races during the summers. We would also train together three or four days a week during the summer running many of the parks we'd run during cross-country. We both enjoyed running the parks more than any other place. Sarah and I became very close friends during high school but never really dated per se. We attended the junior and senior prom together but we went with a group of friends, so I never really saw it as a date. Sarah was one of those girls that guys just seemed to stay away from. Although very popular and drop dead gorgeous, Sarah never really dated anyone. I just never seemed to give it much thought. We always seemed to be together, whether we were running or studying for school at the library or just hanging out with friends, so I didn't really see the need to have a girlfriend. I had lots of friends.

After we graduated, Sarah went off to college and I joined the military with a couple of buddies from school. I just didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and thought this would give me the opportunity to see some of the world and I could go to college after I got out on the GI Bill.

I was serving my time in Germany, and Sarah always found time from her studies to write to me. We wrote about our aspirations for the future and what we wanted out of life. We both wanted to have a large family and live in the country, have a large summer garden and run. I just never saw us doing this together, until this summer happened. I came home on leave for a month from Germany and we were out for a run at one of the more forested parks which has a beautiful stream at the end of our run. We had stopped at the creek to cool off when Sarah asked me this very personal question.

'Matt, do you masturbate?' 'Excuse me, where did that come from?'

'We have known each other for seven years now and I have done everything I can to get you to notice me. I've worn tight running outfits hoping I'd get at least a little rise out of you. You never ask me out and we've never had a sexual conversation in all the years I've known you. Do you think about sex at all? That's why I asked you if you masturbate.

'Sarah, you have been my best friend for as long as I can remember.'

'Matt, just answer the question, do you masturbate?'

'Yes, I masturbate.'

'How often?'

'I don't know, maybe five or six times a week.'

'Do you ever fantasize about me when you masturbate, because when I masturbate that's all I think about is you. I wonder what it would be like to make love to you. To see your cock in it's fullness and to play with it. To have you shoot your cum all over my breasts and ass. Those are the things I fantasize about when I masturbate and I masturbate almost everyday.'

Then Sarah looked around and seeing that no one was around removed her sports bra and exposed her breasts in all their beauty. 'Maybe you'll notice me now.' I was blown away by all that just happened. And about as rock hard as a guy can get. Sarah's tits were so perfectly round and her nipples were as rock hard as strawberries. Then Sarah grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits.

'Feel these Matt, there real. Their yours if you want them. I have never wanted anyone the way I want you. You don't have to fantasize about these any more. I want you to suck on these, to rub my nipples between your fingers and pull on them. I like that.'

Then Sarah removed her running shorts and thong and was standing stark naked by the creek except for socks and sneakers. Then she went over to the large boulder by the creek and sat down. Then she brought her legs up and displayed her beautifully trimmed pussy for me to gaze at.

'This pussy of mine has been aching to be felt by you Matt. I have never been with another guy. I'm still a virgin Matt. I masturbate because I have been saving myself for you. This is how I do it.'

Sarah then proceeded to run her fingers between her pussy lips and play with herself. She would pull on her nipples with one hand and rub her pussy with the other.

'Come here I want you to taste what you've been missing all these years.' Sarah stuck her two fingers deep within her pussy and removed them and placed them in my mouth. What a sweet taste! 'That's what my pussy tastes like Matt. Now I'm going to orgasm for you.'

Then Sarah had me pinch her nipples while she finished herself off and came with an incredible force and shot all over my leg. I had never seen anything so lovely in my life before.

'Matt, I want to see it. I want to see your hard cock right now. Pull your shorts down so I can touch it and feel it in my hands.' I did as she asked. I pulled my shorts down and took them off so she could have the freedom to play with my cock. 'It's just like I imagined it would be. So big and beautiful'

Sarah grabbed it and started stroking it up and down. 'Is this how you do it Matt? You slowly stroke it up and down like this. Does this feel good? Then she rubbed her hand over her soaked pussy which was dripping all over the rock and brought it back up to my cock and started stroking it again. 'I want my scent all over your cock. It's mine and I claim it for myself. This is my cock now and no one else. Do you hear me. From now on, this cock is mine.'

And with that she started stroking it as rapidly as she could. 'Now I want your scent on me. I want you to shoot your cum all over my tits and claim them for yourself. They are yours to shoot on and yours alone.' And with that I exploded all over her tits and even a little on her face. After she drained every drop of cum from my cock she took my sperm and wiped it all over her body.

'This cum is your claim to this body. You have marked me as yours. I belong to you now. My tits, my pussy, my ass, my mind, my life is yours.' Then we hugged and she wiped the spot of cum off her face with her thong and handed it to me.

'This is for tonight when you get home and think about what just happened here.'

Then we got dressed and walked back to our car where we kissed for what seemed like hours. And Sarah became not only my running partner for life that day, she became my wife the following year after graduating from college. We haven't got the house in the country yet, but we are enjoying the practice of making babies. We also found a great running trail where we can run nude and enjoy nature to its fullest extent!



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