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Running Mate

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Many years ago I used to go running with a friend at college. We were both quite slim and fit. He would set the pace and I would follow, occasionally I would admire his slim bottom in his running shorts.

On one occasion he set a very fast pace on the way back to the residence hall. Back in his room we slumped on his bed enjoying the euphoria one gets after hard physical exercise. I complained that my legs and back were aching after the pounding they had just taken.

'I will give you a massage' he said.

Before I could politely refuse he went on 'take your shirt off and lie face down' I meekly complied. His warm hands slid over my still sweaty skin. His hands moved to my lower back and I felt my aches starting to subside. I felt his hands slip under the waistband of my shorts and he started to rub my bottom. I felt my penis start to stiffen.

'I will do your legs now' he announced.

I was sorry that his attention to my bottom had stopped, but in a way relieved as I did not wish to cause embarrassment with an erection. His hands started on the back of my thighs, moving right down to my ankles and back up. I felt his hands move up inside the leg of my shorts and again rub my bottom. With each downward stroke, he would trace down my crack and I felt his fingers lightly brushing my balls.

My penis continued to stiffen and I felt my foreskin roll back over my now swollen glans. I was very aware of the damp patch now forming on the front of my shorts.

'Roll over' he said.

I whispered somewhat unconvincingly that he had done more than enough to alleviate my aches.

'Nonsense' I need to finish this properly.

I rolled over with my eyes clenched tightly shut, only too well aware that my erection must be clearly visible in my shorts. His warm hands started to glide over my chest and I felt my nipples stiffening. As he worked down to my stomach I felt myself flinch involuntarily. He slipped his hands under the waistband of my shorts once again and massaged the tops of my thighs.

'I will do your legs' he said.

As he shifted position I glanced up and saw his erection tenting in his running shorts, He started on my thighs, rubbing down to my calfs and back up under my shorts to the very top of my thighs. His hands were once again brushing my balls.

'I think we need to take these shorts off' he said.

He hooked his thumbs under the waistband and with a little help from me pulled my shorts down to my ankles.

'Oh you are circumcised' he said. I explained that I was not, but that my foreskin tended to roll back when I was fully stiff I felt his hot breath on my my balls as his hand engulfed my very stiff penis. He started to masturbate me, slowly at first, but slowly picking up the pace. I felt my orgasm starting and started to shudder uncontrollably. I thrust my bottom off the bed as intense feelings flooded through my thighs anus and penis. I started to ejaculate into his hand as he continued to wank me.

Finally the feelings subsided and I lay gasping on the bed. He was kneeling over me with a huge grin on his face. I reached out to his erection still encased in his tight running shorts.

He pulled his shorts down and his stiff penis stood proudly to attention. His foreskin was partially retracted. I started to gently masturbate him. He rolled on to his back and I straddled him as I continued to slide my hand up and down his shaft.

'Go faster' he gasped.

With that his penis went rock hard and as he thrust his hips off the bed he stated to ejaculate. As he slowly recovered, we both burst out laughing.

'We must do that again' he said.

I readily agreed.



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