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Rubbing Me Up the Right Way

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Guys look out! Rolled up newspaper can be fucking deadly in the hands of a woman!


This happened to me a few months back. Be warned, I'm going to make your eyes water...

In the part of the world in which I live December means hot summer days and lots of outdoor activity. I live in a student area near a park. One day some cretin started a newspaper war-just four or five people from the same flat who had turned up with rolled up newspapers; next thing you know it had snowballed until there were about thirty guys and gals having a ding-dong battle. I was enjoying myself when I noticed Kimberley, who I'd known for years. Her back was to me and her lovely arse, clad in denim shorts was a tempting target. Whack! Bulls eye! A beee-u-tiful strike!

Then my world exploded in pain! I could see stars! Kimberly had swung around and, with a vengeful cry, struck back. My balls and the tip of my cock caught the full impact! Agony! I just knew I'd been ruptured! I could through the red mist and tears!

How I stayed standing I'll never know. Instead I limped off the battlefield, shaken and whimpering, and limped off home. Fortunately none of my flat mates were around to see me fall down on the couch, clutching my poor, shattered groin. As I lay groaning into the cushion, contemplating a future singing falsetto there was a knock on the back door and Kimberley came in.

'Ooh, sorry about that' she said, clearly trying so hard not to laugh. 'Fuckoffandleavemealone' I mumbled into the cushion. Instead of leaving like I'd politely asked she took a seat on the edge of the couch and put her hand on my shoulder. 'Do you want me to have a look?' I almost choked! She sounded sincere-Kimberley is a trainee nurse so I guess she's seen few penises-but...er...hmmmm...

So I rolled over, eased my pants down and let her see my crushed and shattered manhood. Somehow, as she gently handled me, leaning over and looking closely, the pain diminished. 'You're gonna have a bit of bruising down here, sorry.' she said, gently cupping my left ball. Then she leaned forward and kissed my flaccid cock! My genitals woke up and took an interest in life! This was some type of first aid. She was smiling when she stood up and looked down at me.

'You'll live. Anyway, I'll bet you've bruised my arse'. The throbbing in my balls was a different type of pain as she dropped her shorts and panties and bent over. I sat up and closely examined her lovely butt. There was a red mark across both cheeks, just above her mound. Her firm buttocks wobbled just a little as I ran my hands over them. Gently I eased her cheeks apart and had a good look at her puckered little arse hole and her perineum. Her wonderfully soft looking mound is edged with well trimmed, dark brown hair. Her labia are the pink, crinkly type. My cock hardened as she opened her legs wide enough to let me gently run a finger up and down her wet slit. As I did I saw the tiny red nub of her clitoris. My head started swimming. Kimberley looked around and giggled. 'That was nice.' she purred.

Then she slid a couple of fingers into herself. As I leaned back she started to wank. Soon I was stroking my shaft as, still bent over, she opened herself up showing me her sweet red interior. She lifted her head and started moaning. Her fingers slid in and out and up and down faster and harder. She had to brace herself against the arm of the couch. Her breathing became deep and shaky, punctuated by lots of moaning and 'Oh YEAH'...'OOOHHH!'...'UHHHHH! UHHH! UUHHHH!' A slow trickle of her thick, bubbly pussy juice oozed down her thighs. Her feminine scent was drifting into my nostrils. I leaned forward again and cupped her cunt in my left hand-my right was busy jacking off. Suddenly Kimberly gave a sharp nasal yelp and her hot, thick jizz squirted over my hand. I had a taste. The salty flavour sent tingles all through me. She gave another groan then looked around again. Her face was flushed and her eyes were wide and aroused. 'Oops, I wasn't expecting that!' Then she looked at my erection and laughed. 'Can I help you with that?'

She sat down beside me and gently fisted me into such a wonderful orgasm! My jizz near hit the ceiling! She kissed my erect manhood and smiled up at me. 'I think we'll both make full recovery's.' Just to make sure, we went to my bedroom and put my penis and her heated wet vagina through a few more tests.



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