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Rubbing against Her Thigh

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It's those early experiences of exploring our sexuality that many of us remember as the most exciting. For men, our first ejaculation, be it through masturbation or as a wet dream, is a major milestone. But I also vividly remember the first time I ejaculated while with a girl.

I'd been going out with a girl for about a year and then with the summer holidays our relationship started to get more sexual. She had been allowing me to unclip her bra and play with her tits, and, over a period of weeks I had also been able to slip my hand inside her pants and finger her pussy. I must have been doing something right as she was always wet and most times she would breathe faster and faster before clamping her legs together and stopping me touching her anymore.

She wouldn't help me though, mainly through inexperience I think now. A couple of times she'd touched my hard prick, but never really showed any enthusiasm for handling it. Nor did I find her tentative touches that exciting.

So I was feeling a bit high and dry after she'd orgasmed. My prick was hard inside my pants and pressed against her thigh. As much from frustration as from anything else I pressed tight against her. I got a thrilling sensation in my prick. I wanted desperately to come, so by rubbing my prick against her thigh I started to build up the pressure in me. My prick was throbbing with pleasure but I couldn't quite get my excitement up to point where I would come. I'd get close, I'd feel as if the sperm was getting to the top of the pipe and then the pleasure would suddenly subside.

My girlfriend was really being patient with me while I bucked against her leg. At last though, I managed to push myself over the peak and the sheer relief and pleasure I felt while ejaculating what felt like buckets into my pants still lives with me today.

We went through the same routine many more times. Cuddling, me bringing her off with my fingers either rubbing her clit or going inside her vagina, and then her waiting for me to ejaculate by humping against her leg, or occasionally her crotch.

But it's odd. In those early days a sex is always the goal. Once you've done that though it's hard to regain that intensity and excitement you had building up to it. That period of heavy petting was frustrating at the time, but looking back I'm glad I didn't miss it.



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