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Rub a Dub Dub!

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Let me start off that me and matt have been doin this for a long time. Matt is 15 and I'm 16. Matt is not chubby or fat but is a big kid. He's 5'8 and im 5'6. He has the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. He has a shaved blonde head and he has shaved pubes. I am 16. im not built like he is but im athletic. I have brown hair and brown eyes. My pubes are also shaved. (Which I suggest because to anyone your dick looks much bigger than with pubes trust me.)

Matt's parents are divorced and his mom and sister were out of town so he invited me over. When I got out of my car you could see my boner from across the street. I ran up to the doorway and matt greeted me with his pj pants on with his dick hangin out and erect which sent my dick straight up! He pulled me into the house by grabbing my dick like a door handle. It kind of hurt but I was too horny to mind. We broght me to the bathroom and turned on the shower. We jumped in and our dicks shrunk in less than five seconds because of the water being cold in the beginning. I love Matt's dick, it is the thickest dick I have ever seen (porn included). But his length is what brings him down. He's about 5-5 1/2 inches long but extremely think and I mean extremely. My dick is about 6 1/2-7 inches but not really thick at all. We have talked about that if our dicks we like combined we would have the perfect cock. We'll when the hot water got on we went right to it. He squeezed my dick so hard but gentle at the same time I yelled in agony and pleasure. He started kissin my neck and went down my whole stomach till he got to my fully erected cock. He stood back up and we both like started grindin our dicks together. It feels so good! He sat down in the shower while I was standin up. He stroked my cock with two hands which makes me feel like my cock is 10 inches long. He's pumpin so hard that I was pushed into the shower wall. It was so kinky I was about to explode right there in his face! So I told him it was his turn to let my dick rest. I started pumpin him as hard as he did but I couldnt get both of my hands around his dick. He usuallly takes forever to cum. I cum usually pretty soon not that I can't control it. I keepin pumpin until I see his little balls swell up into his dick, so I knew he was close. I start pumpin and pumpin until he moans and does short yelping sounds of pleasure. I keep doin this and he is standin up and he cums all over my abs and stomach. I wash myself off when I feel his hand come from between my legs and grab my dick. This always gets my dick rock hard. I don't know why but its such a huge turn on to me. and I quickly turn around and he licks my head, then squirts some shampoo in his hand and soaks up my pulsing cock. Again he is sitting and I'm standing. I'm clinging on to the walls while he's pumpin like there is no tomorrow. I like havin him be on the ground becuase I feel like he is weaker than me when he gives me the pleasure. (My dick right now is huge!) Well he keeps pumpin away and I start to pant. I say F%#@ I'm gonna cum!!! and I start goin into a spasm. And shoot all over his face gurglin out cum in 3 long and hefty ropes. I slowly fall to the floor of the shower only to get a fully massage. After the massage we started up again in his bedroom. But I can't tell u that story.

I don't consider myself gay because I have never had any experience with a girl before only guys. And yes I said guys as in more than one.

I hope u enjoyed it as much as I did!! Happy wankin!



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