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Roommate Surprise

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I live with very good friends, all of them male. I have been dating one of them very seriously for several years. There has never been any tension with our living situation; my boyfriend and I are very open about having other people 'join in' our relationship, and we have had threesomes on a few occasions. Though I never expected anything to develop between myself and one of my roommates, we had all been friends for a long time and were very comfortable around each other.

One day I found myself home alone with one of them. I will leave his name out for obvious reasons. We started the day off normally enough, with a funny movie, mac & cheese for lunch, and generally lazing around. We talked for several hours, reminiscing about our childhoods, when the conversation turned sad. He held me to comfort me. I soon started to feel better, and an entirely different emotion became noticeable. I noticed his breathing was growing heavier, and his gaze kept dropping to my lips as I spoke. I felt a very familiar tingle and throb begin. I shifted my weight and his hand brushed against my breast. This small amount of contact sent such an intense shock through my body that I gasped involuntarily. I blushed, and he chuckled softly.

'Perhaps I should get up...' I said.

'No, please don't. I like this.' There was a smile in his eyes. And suddenly his lips were on mine. I couldn't breathe it felt so good to be kissing him. His tongue explored my mouth urgently. We broke apart abruptly, both of us caught by surprise at this unexpected passion.

'We shouldn't be doing this.' 'God, I know... will your boyfriend be mad?' 'No.' His eyes darkened again, and once again he kissed me. We had been friends forever it seemed. We had shared many days together, friendly hugs included. I don't know what he felt, but I had never once considered him as more than a good friend. And yet all of the sudden I couldn't stop kissing him. It was like years of sexual tension had built up unknown to either of us, and it was all pouring out in this one moment.

My fingers raked through his hair, his tongue curled around mine, I could feel his bulge distinctly pressing against my stomach. Slowly, as if he were asking for permission, his hands started to explore my body. First he massaged my neck, and then began to kiss it as his hands slid down to my full breasts. He lifted my shirt above my head and undid my bra like an expert. I wondered how much experience he had...

His kisses moved down my stomach, his fingers teased my nipples, and my clit was throbbing so hard it was all I could do not to shove my hand down my pants. I could feel my wetness dripping out of me, with no hair to soak it up because I am shaven.

His mouth took over what his fingers had started, and as he sucked and licked on my nipples, his hand undid the waistband of my jeans. He felt around for a moment, chuckling again at how wet I was. 'Nice. Very nice,' he said. Not playing games anymore, he went directly for my clit, which had been pleading for attention for quite some time now. He rubbed me just the way I like to do it myself, slowly at first, becoming faster and more urgent as I build to an orgasm. I could tell he really liked the way my breasts bounced as I bucked under his touch, because he only looked away from them to look into my eyes and smile a smile I had never seen before on his face. His smile said 'You have no idea how long I have been wanting to do this...'

As I neared the finish line, he stuck a finger inside me and continued to rub my clit with his thumb. I couldn't help but cry out at this point, hoping we were still alone in the house. He brought me to a bucking, writhing orgasm like I had only felt once or twice before.

When I had calmed down a bit and lay shuddering against him, he withdrew his hand and brought it to his mouth to taste. I don't think he meant for me to see, but I loved how his eyes closed and he had another hint of a smile on his face as he tasted his soaked fingers. He sighed and kissed my forehead. 'Thank you...' he said. 'Goodness! Thank YOU!' I said, and he laughed. 'You should probably go now, I don't think it will be long until they get home,' he said. I gave him another hug, dressed self-consciously, and retreated back to my bedroom.

Sure enough, my boyfriend returned home minutes later, and he thoroughly enjoyed hearing the tale of my escapades that day, both of us enjoying many more orgasms that night. But that's a story for another time!



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